Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sports Card Show

So, the rest of the weekend has been pretty relaxing, which is fine by me. We went to a sports card show yesterday and Kurt found a ton of things he wanted. There was quite a selection. Usually, he finds one or two cards he wants. He is really picky on what he buys, only wants cards that are in near perfect + condition, and are Detroit Tigers. We were going to go to the game, but decided not to since it is like 100 degrees outside every day. I want to say I am sick of the weather, but, I know once winter hits I will bitch it is cold.

My laptop finally got back from the "shop" and we picked that up this morning. Yay, no more sitting at a desktop at home. I hate that. I like being in the living room with the rest of the family. The pugs won't hang out in the computer room because there is no comfy couch for them. They are a tad spoiled.

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