Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday Celebration

Today was my Grama's 80th birthday. We went to dinner in Canton to celebrate, at Max and Erma's which is one of her favorites. It was really good. I got her a really pretty light blue topaz ring.
Also, stopped at Old Navy and they had some awesome deals (Marla, if you are reading this, you MUST go. I know you wanted some long sleeve solid colored shirts). I bought three long sleeve shirts for myself for $4 each, and a sweater for Kurt for $4. Amazing deals. Old Navy is the best for buying in bulk for t-shirts.
The weather was AMAZING here today. It was 55 degress in Newport which is unheard of for January. We went out to look at a house and some property today and I did not wear a coat. It is very odd.
Not much else going on, night!

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