Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friday Fun

Soooo, tonight I went and saw Chicago at the Fisher. This was the second time I was it, and I really like the show. I think it was better the first time I saw it because this time, they had a known 'Hollywood actress" playing the lead role and most "hollywood actresses" can't act in a Broadway role properly to save their lives.......But, I don't think you can really mess us Chicago, it has a funny plot and awesome music, so I enjoyed it. Went to dinner first at Cuisine. I was all excited to take my Aunt there because when Deanna and I went, it was AMAZING, to say the least. Of course, this time, it was below average. Service was painfully slow, my aunt's potatos were cold, the waitress literally did not check on us until the end of the meal. I am not yet cutting the place off my list of good eats, but, at the prices the place charges, you expect the best and last night was totally not it. I am thinking MAYBE they were below average because of the theatre crowd, but then they should have more staff on those nights. On another note, my food was awesome. :).

Off to Canton to a Home Show. Will write more later.

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