Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unknown Life

Today, Kurt and I were at Lowe's, and saw a new store being built next to Kohl's. Kurt asked me, "what is going in there?" I said "TJ Maxx...kewl, hun? It would be nice if I could actually GO to these new stores going in the area." Kurt said "Pretty soon, you will get to..."

Hun. The thought of having FREE time again, to randomly walk through a store that has just opened is really foreign to me. It's almost like I think this won't happen. I have been working so hard for the past three years (and for three years prior to that getting our business off the ground) that it does not seem true that I could have free time--but, I think I will! It will be amazing. Knowing me, I will find something new that will occupy my time, but one can always hope....LOL.

Have not posted in a while, I am always really tired when I get home at night from class.

Last Saturday, Kurt/Kory and I went to Royal Oak to have dinner at Katana and go to Comedy Castle with Rebecca. She met us at the restaurant and the food was awesome. It is a Japanese steakhouse, and kinda like Benihana. They make all the food right in front of you. We had sushi, and I had a shrimp meal. Kory tried a raw piece of sushi and loved it....Kurt thinks he is nuts, haha. The comedy show was great, and the club was the best I have ever been to..AND the tickets were free. I won them through their website. The comedians were hilarious and I even had a drink. Yes, my friends, I did! LOL. I rarely drink, but i had a great strawberry daiquiri. Kurt was driving, so I figured, what the heck?? Click here to see pics from the night.

Sunday was fun...We went to a Tigers game against the Indians. They lost their first game in a while..We had amazing seats in the infield box, right behind home plate. So, even though we lost, I got some amazing shots of the players during the game, which was nice. It was SO hot that day though and by the time we got home, we were all exhausted. We went and got ice cream down the street, but the heat kinda gave me a headache so I took a short nap. Click here to see pics from the game.

We bought 10 new trees from the nursery as well, they are Willow Oaks. Kurt and Kory planted them on Memorial Day in the yard and they all look awesome. Speaking of trees, our yard is becoming so kewl. When we moved in, the previous owner had been farming out our land. We stopped that, but the entire yard was pretty bare. Well, in the past three years, with our planting trees, and the yard being allowed to grow instead of being farmed--the yard has flourished. We have a ton of trees that have grown in the wild, and the animal life in the yard is incredible.

The rest of the week was really tiring. Kurt's stomach/side has been hurting him for a while, but he just thought it was stress, etc. Well, he was supposed to leave for Nashville on Tuesday night and while at the airport, his side started hurting so much he could not walk. Then, his flight got cancelled because of thunderstorms in Chicago (his layover). So, he left and called me at school to tell me he was checking himself into the hospital. So, I left school and met him and Kory there. By the time I got there (I was driving from Detroit to Monroe), they had already done blood work and xrays. They decided they wanted to keep him overnight for observation and a CT scan. By the time morning came, they still had not found anything. They thought it was his appendix or kidney stones. Ruled out his appendix, but kidney stones was inconclusive. The ER is really frustrating. Everything was super slow, and it's like, if you are not DYING, they don't really care what is wrong with you. So, I made Kurt an appointment with our normal doctor so he can be referred to a specialist. He flew out that night to Nashville. Everyone there was really concerned about him and shocked he even made the conference, knowing he had spent the night in the hospital.

This weekend has been fairly relaxing. Tomorrow is the mutt murch for Humane Society, thanks again to everyone who donated. I am sure I will have some pics for the site tomorrow.....

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