Friday, January 02, 2009

Year End Highlights with Pics

Inspired by everyone else's year end posts, talking about highlights of the year, here are mine! With pics! :).

1. Started my orthodontist journey, which I still feel pretty vain about, but it is going great.
2. My sister, her husband, and her step kids came to visit for a late Xmas celebration.
3. Got my iPhone! And am still thrilled with it today!
4. Found out one of my best friends, Julia, is moving to California with her fiancée.
5. Was asked by a publisher to use my Panama and Belize pics in a travel book that has since been published.
6. Visited Kurt’s Mom in Pinconning.

Smiling Boy

1. Baby Nicholas was born to my sister and her husband Jim. By far the biggest blessing of the year.
2. Surprised Kurt with a bday trip to Washington D.C. where we walked a million miles and saw more sites in several days than most people see in a week, LOL. Great trip. Got to meet Angel, Char and Amanda while there.

Kurty and I at Capitol Supreme Court

1. Orlando School Board Trip.
2. Heidi and Eric welcomed their baby Lanessa, into the world.

Kurt and I

1. Found out Kerry and Max are expecting their third, and spent a nice day with Kerry and her girls…..
2. The start of the end of a close friendship

The Girls

1. Bought my baby, the Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible. Love.
2. Was devastated when my friend Jeff lost in the school board election.
3. Found a great massage therapist NOT in spa (Crystal).
4. I turned 31! Happy Birthday Me!
5. Took a bday/Memorial Day trip to Nicaragua.
6. Had pond put in our yard.


1. My Mom and stepDad came to visit!
2. Julia and Tony got married, and both Kurt and I were in the wedding in Simi Valley, outside of LA. So, trip to Cali!
3. Decided to start my Secret Blog, to complement my normal blog.
4. Rebecca turned 30! Awesome party at her house, where Kurt was slightly drunk.


1. Girls’ trip to Manistee with Rebecca! Relaxing trip. Loved it.
2. Ulta opened in our area!
3. Tigers game with Kurty.

Me and my Bestest

Me and kurty

1. Def Leppard concert with Rebecca after another person ditched me….Amazing time in awesome seats.
2. Scott (kurt’s bro) visited, and we paid him to put a driveway in at the house.
3. Toledo Mudhens game with the school board where I got to go on the field and take pics!
4. Tigers game with Rebecca, thanks to Dr John!
5. Bought new lens for my camera.
6. Received a copy of the book my Panama pics were published in!
7. Met Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Put hardwood floor in the great room.


1. Labor Day trip with Kurt and Kory to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Amazing.
2. Char had her baby, Gabrielle.
3. Hired a new secretary at the office.

Flower Boy

1. Rebecca’s Housewarming party
2. Found a new hair salon, closer to home.
3. Started Invisalign.
4. Kurt and my 12 year dating anniversary.

Water Girl

1. Obama was elected. Thank God. One of the best days of the year.
2. Kerry and Max had daughter number three, Emma Lynn.
3. Thanksgiving with Kurt’s Mom in Pinconning.

In the Sun

1. Galapagos Islands and Quito trip
2. Kurt and my 7 year wedding anniversary.

Kurty and I


Rachael said...

you guys had a busy year too! Great pic of your Pug running! I love it!

Brittany said...

Love it! Great pics as well!

Katie said...

What a great year, and fabulous recap!

LOL, I love that meeting me got so many exclamations! That's how I feel about you too!!!! :D hehe. We should definitely hang out again soon (or, well, maybe when the weather gets a bit better)! :) said...

Your year was filled with so much blessings! I wish you more this 2009.

And nice pics. Happy New Year and more blessings for your family and career!

Andrea said...

Great recap!! Love the pictures as always :)