Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Stuff

OMG, Saturday was super hot here. Headed to a hair appointment in the morning, highlights, a cut, and eye brow wax. Yay. Oddly, I got there and my hair colorist was not in and they put me with someone else (which was fine, they are all good at this salon). I thought it was weird they did not call me to tell me they were switching me, but then today, I got a voice mail. For some reason, the voice mail from Saturday morning they left did not come thru until Monday afternoon. Headed after that to my Aunt's in Canton to head to the Plymouth art fair. HUGE art fair, a TON of people and over 90 degrees = me not happy. I hate congestion coupled with heat. We made it thru, and if anything, the heat made me not too interested in buying anything, LOL. Auntie got a really good deal on a black pearl ring. Headed home after that and Kurty and I went for sushi since we were too tired on Friday to get it. Had a nice dinner, played some pool at home, and chilled. Kurt worked all day on the tile in one of the basement bathrooms. He put in my fav color, cobalt blue, with some decorative pieces. Looks awesome. Too nice for a basement, IMO, but whatevs, with Kurt putting it in, we do save a TON of money.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I did a lot of picking up of stuff around the house and a grocery shopping trip. I bought this interesting new product by Purex since I had a coupon. Tried it today, and not sure of my thoughts yet as the clothes are still drying. Saved a ton of money wtih coupons, gotta love the deals I find.....Whoot. Made yummy Kung Pao Grilled Tuna for dinner, and made a homemade apple crisp and some new tartar sauce.

Work was pretty crazy today, as usual. I swear, I don't know where the hours go. There was some kind of water main break at the courts downtown, so our hearings got cancelled. I did have a quick mediation this afternoon, which did not settle. AARGH. I am having the worst luck lately with mediations. I wish the Judges did not force them in every case, cuz some cases are just not settling. Had a board meeting tonight where I was voted on as board secretary again, which is kewl.

Watching the Home Run Derby right now. Brandon Inge did pathetic, but it was nice to see a Tiger in the Derby! Kurt and I love this event, it was awesome the couple years we have gotten to go.

BTW, I am loving our pool table. Kurt and I have been playing nightly, and with the TVs down there, it is really starting to feel like a sports room! :). Can't wait until the entire basement is done.

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