Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I totally feel better now! (heavy sarcasm, LOL)

Dear Lori and Kurt Haskell,

RE: Case Number 8049355

On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I want to take this opportunity to express
our concern for the inconvenience (I like how they call this an inconvenience, like there was some minor turbulence or something) you experienced when there was a
disturbance (how about, he tried to blow up my plane and there was fire going up the wall) by another passenger (terrorist) as you approached Detroit on Flight

I understand how unsettling this event must have been for you. As you
are aware, the passenger was subdued and was taken into custody by law
enforcement authorities. Delta Air Lines will be fully cooperating with
the law enforcement officials who are leading the investigation.

As a gesture of goodwill, we are providing you with an electronic credit
voucher for $250.00. The voucher can be applied to a future ticket
purchase. The terms and conditions will arrive under a separate cover.

We pledge to you that we are dedicated to providing safe transportation,
and we hope you will provide us an opportunity to serve your air travel
needs again soon. Thank you for your understanding and for flying
Delta Air Lines.


Elizabeth Reed
General Manager, Customer Care
Northwest/KLM/Delta Air Lines


colfin said...

OMG!!!! There are hardly words...

And yes... this did make me LOL!!!!!

Katie said...

Wow... a $250 voucher... that definitely seems like it would cover the "inconvenience" of almost being blown up! *eyeroll*

Megan said...

Wow. Amazing stuff. I'm just glad you are okay!

Megan said...

And you know... I'd really miss your blog if he had been successful :)

Chris said...

$250.00 for what you went through - unacceptable. I hope you get what you deserve.

Amber said...

Seriously? A $250 voucher? UGH. How about some cold hard cash in the amount of your plane tickets!

CharStar said...

Really $250? That can't even fly out within the country! Geez!

Rachael said...

So generic and scripted!
And $250 for both? Not $250 each? yikes.

cbackus said...

Please read the "Terms and Conditions" of the "credit voucher" very carefully. It might just be that buried in there is a clause that you will agree not to take legal action against the airline for its inability to properly screen this "Nigerian terrorist".