Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spill It

Stolen from Brittany.

Open purse, spill out contents. Blog about what is in your purse at that moment, and post a pic of the stuff.

OK, deets about what's in my purse.

1. My iPhone. Not pictured, cuz I took the pic with the phone! :).
2. Stone Mountain pink wallet, which contains reward point cards, credit card, driver's license, Social security card, AAA card.
3. $2. Which is rare, as I usually have no cash. No idea where this even came from.
4. Business card from local salon.
5. Gift certificate I was given for my bday last night.
6. Maui Jim sunglasses and case.
7. My lucky seed. I got this from the Osa Peninsula on a hike in Costa Rica and have carried it for over 2 years in my purse as a lucky charm.
8. Chap Stick.
9. Too Faced "Marcia Marcia Marcia" Lip stick.
10. I usualy have Laura Mercier pressed powder too, but I took it out this morning to use and forgot to put back in.
11. Insurance and registration info for my vehicles.
12. Key to the lockbox for school board stuff.
13. $50 in Kohl's cash, and a 15% off Kohl's coupon. need to use this before I leave this week.
14. $15 in Kroger bucks (earned from using my credit card).

1 comment:

Nancy V. said...

Does no one else have empty wrappers, used kleenex, and tampons in their purse? hehe