Saturday, September 25, 2010


Finished watching Season 2 of the 90s show Popular (which I never watched ever until my recent finding of it on Netflix). Anyway, I loved the show but cannot believe it ended that way! I am wondering if they did not plan it being the end, and then the show got cut or something. I want to demand a movie or something! I want to know what happens next! Bastards! :). Started on season 2 of 90210 (the new series). I watched this horrible, horrible movie from Netflix too called The Invention of Lying. If you have not seen it, DO NOT WATCH IT. I kept waiting for it to get better, and it never did. I liked the ending. I think because it ended. Jennifer Garner looks adorable in it and has great clothes. That is about all I can say positive.

So, I decided this weekend I needed to bite the bullet and buy a larger food processor. I have a small one that I use mainly to chop up veggies, but it is hard to use to make larger recipes like hummus and salsa, and since we have not been eating out at all lately, I need better kitchen tools. So, I grabbed some 20% off coupons and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. Bought a new food processor and a new blender. Out blended was like 17 years old (Kurt owned it prior to meeting me), and when I last got it out to use, it totally was not chopping anything. I love how Bed Bath and Beyond allows you to use expired coupons. I save all of them I get in the mail and just take them when I actually shop there. It rocks. I saved like $42.00 today with coupons.

Decided to try two new recipes tonight. I wanted to make more salsa, as Kurt finished the last batch I made with the tomatoes Stacy gave me. I used a recipe off Food Network this time. I listened to advice from a friend, and took the seeds out of the jalapenos and banana peppers before adding to the salsa this time and it made it much better (not as crazy hot). I also made a dinner that was super yummy, from Vegetarian Times, which is starting to be my main site for obtaining recipes. I can always add ahi tuna or whatever, but at least I know the recipe to begin has no meat at all. Anyway, tonight, I made Corn and Black Bean Quesadillas, which were sooooo great and easy to make. The avocado garnish was Kurt's fav part, and was so different and yummy. I think this was the first time in my life I have bought an avocado, which is so weird since I love Mexican food. Anyway, this meal is going to become a staple in this house, since it is low cal and easy to make. I added Mexi cheese and low fat sour cream to Kurt's plate. Next time, I might use like one half can more of black beans, but other than that, PERFECT recipe.

Worked part of the day today, trying to catch up on paperwork. I love working in the office in silence, it is so crazy during the week with the phone and people stopping in. Got a bunch done, then left to run errands.

So, last weekend, I had some great coupons that were expiring soon at NY and Co and Kohls, so I got a few things for fall, which I love. I could not find pics of everything online though, so I will post links to what I could find.

This shirt, in burnt orange

This shirt, (in purple savvy)

This shirt, (in black)

Necklace. I so love the jewelry from NY and Co. I prob get complimented more on it than any other jewelry I wear, and it is the cheapest by far!

Necklace: (in black)

Shoes from Macy's. Got another really cute pair of red heels from Macy's, but can't find them online.

Shoes: These are SOOOO different and cute on. Love.

Shoes. These are gonna require nylons or something, as they totally ripped my heel when I wore them. Boo. but, they are super cute and easy to walk around in. Strange how flats hurt my feet, but heels rarely do.

Sweater, (in ivory tower). This is perfect for the office when I dont have court.

Sweater, (in mystic teal). The sleeve detail is way cuter in person.
I got another great deal on a cute pair of sandals on eBay as well. I have been eyeing this pair of Born heels all summer, but they never seemed to be on sale and were pricey. I have limits on what I will pay for shoes since I have a slight addiction. Anyway, found them on eBay for $30! Insanity. And, they are super comfy.

Still doing great with The Daily Plate. Week two was actually much easier than week one. It is almost becoming second nature not to snack or overeat now, and I am not hungry like I used to be, which is awesome.

Anyway, off to bed and to work again tomorrow for a bit. Goooo Lions! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


Rebecca said...

Cute purchases!

Natalie C. said...

We have the same food processor!!! :P

RoseAnn said...

Yay on the kitchen gadgets and all the new clothes!

Movie reviews crack me up. The Invention of Lieing wasn't our favorite movie ever but we did think it was pretty funny. I really like Ricky Gervais, though. ;)

Nancy V. said...

I love everything!

Megan said...

I love all the cute new shirts, sweaters and shoes! Fun!

Good for you on your new eating plan. I envy you and need to get the will power to do it. If I could loose about 10 lbs... I'd be happy!

Lisa said...

I so love NY&Co.! I need to go shopping!