Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alana Turns 21!

Had a weekend mostly filled But, did have a great time on Saturday night celebrating Alana's 21st bday! The entire office made it, and the event was held at a bar in Livonia called Slingers. Although not the standard place I would choose to hang out (think around 21 year old crowd, everyone trashed, crowded, LOUD, obnoxious DJ), but since we had a great group there, we had a blast anyway. We were convinced the DJ is normally a DJ in a strip club with the variety of music he played.........Above is a blurry pic my drunk husband took of Holly, Shannon and I (they are two of my co-worker attorneys) Kurt cannot take a clear pic for anything.........

Kurt and I got a ton of work done this weekend, which ROCKS. We started looking at which weekend we want to go out of town for Kurt's 40th, and I think it may be the weekend of President's Day since we know we have no court on that day. This is such a hard time of the year for us to getaway, but we can't do nothing for Kurt's 40th, and he does NOT want a party.

On another positive note, I weighed myself today, after not doing so last Sunday since I was out of town without my trusty scale. And, I am down another 4.2 pounds, bringing my grand total lost to 40.8 pounds, which is insane to me!

Exciting food finds of the past few weeks: World Catch Salmon Burgers from Sam's Club--quick to make and super yummy, low cal. Chocolate chip Special K bars--YUM. I found Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in BULK at Kroger's. awesome.

I am trying a new hair salon this Friday, recommended by a lawyer friend of mine, Kara. It is located near the office, and while I have never found a place I liked downriver, I am hoping this one is awesome. I am really sick of driving to Royal Oak or Toledo to get my hair done and it would be nice to drive 5 minutes from the office. Finers crossed. :).

anyway, busy court morning, so I am off to bed. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. :).


Nicole said...

You look great! In that picture your face looks so thin. Well done!

Jenn said...

WTG on the weight loss!!