Sunday, November 13, 2005

Luggage Decisions

So, I finally broke down today and made a decision on new luggage. Kurt is so like a girl in travelling, so every time we travel, he uses our large piece of luggage and I have to use the small piece. THEN, he takes up part of mine with his stuff. He has to literally pack every single thing he owns. My Dad bought us a piece I love in red, hardside, a few Xmases ago, which gave us THREE pieces of luggage, and really helped out. So, Kurt would get two huge pieces of luggage and I got one small piece (but all to myself now, LOL).

Anyway, Kurt's last business trip, I think the one to Atlanta or Cincinnati, was a sad one for my fav piece of luggage. The handle totally broke off, and it is not reparable. Therefore, the conclusion from that if I am back to letting Kurt have almost all the luggage space. sigh. I made the decision that I needed to buy new luggage. The stuff we have left my Mom bought me when I graudated from high school and it is just now starting to fall apart. call me conceited, but it is embarassing to land in a new city with luggage that is starting to look like I have owned it my entire life. Also, when we first got our red luggage, it was nice because red was not a common luggage color, now, everyone has had the same idea as us with getting an uncommon luggage color, and now red is common.

So, I broke down today and bought two new pieces of luggage. I cannot wait to put all our other stuff on the curb and take my nice shiny new pieces to Hawaii in December! I got a blue color, click here to see what it looks like in red. I could not find a pic in blue.

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