Thursday, February 16, 2006

Long Time

This week has been crazy busy. OK, seriously, why does every post seem to start this way? I have not written since last Friday, so I will start with Saturday and move on....

On Saturday, Kurt and I spent the morning cleaning. Our nephew, Kory, came to visit. He is 20, goes to Grand Valley. He wants to come live with us this summer and possibly permanently. He is applying to Wayne and assuming everything transfers, we may have a new family member. Which I would be excited for because I love having Kory around, he is a blast. So, Saturday, we took Kory to dinner and lunch, walked quickly around the mall, and hung out. Him and Kurt have tons of ideas on starting businesses and if Kory is around, they can actually follow through on them. Kurt does not have time, but Kory will need work. Kory left on Sunday.

Sunday, Kurt and I went to Lowe's and then to Staples. I have been looking for the perfect desk for my den forever, and found one at Staples of all places. So, we bought that and I spent the whole freaking day putting it together. But in the end, it looks awesome. Kurt spent the day putting a hard wood floor in my pantry. Which looks awesome. I need to take pics, but have not gotten around to it yet. Now, as soon as I feel like cleaning out the stuff in the computer room, I will have another finished room in a house. I need to start searching for some lamps next, preferably floor. So, if anyone has ideas, send away. I am looking for chrome floor lamps.

The rest of this week have been school and work filled. Yesterday, I think I almost had a mental breakdown! It was so stressfully busy here. I suddenly got short of breath and had to sit really still to even sit straight. Finally, got out of that, and was fine, but I skipped school that night because I really needed to relax. Kurt took me to dinner (after we worked late, what a night off, LOL) at Mountain Jack and I had some awesome grilled salmon with rice. Yum.

So, tonight I don't have class, so I can relax again. Although I really need to do some laundry, clean, read. It's never ending.

Oh, I am excited. My friend Rebecca and I are going to start doing "photo" journeys. I got the idea from another friend, Stacy, who does them a lot in the city of Detroit. But, I will most likely not do Detroit just because it would give Kurt a heart attack if I was off in Detroit with just Rebecca, because we could not really defend ourselves. ;). So, I am guessing we will start off with local areas around her house and mine. I can't wait. I love photography, but usually do trips alone. it will be nice to share my love for the art with someone else. Yay!


Cynthia said...

My mom always tells me to breathe when I am stressed. I get that way too. I don't have as much going on as you so mine doesn't compare...
I wish you the best since you are so close. You can do it Lori!!!!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

My Mom tells me the same thing! Wht don't we listen to our Moms more? :).