Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Meeting

So, got to meet my friend Julia's new boyfriend tonight.....Actually not too "new", but I have not met him yet. We have both been so busy--me with work and her with studying for the bar. Wow, I don't envy her right now. We were talking at dinner and it was bringing back the awful memories of my studying this summer and wasting an entire summer. Well, I guess it was not a "waste" because I did pass, but my summer was not the most fun. Anyway. Tony, her boyfriend, is a really nice guy. Him and Kurt talked a lot, and they both love sports, so he is already ideal to Kurt. They watched a playoff game while Jules and I caught up. It was really nice to see her. I miss seeing her everyday like we did in school. I am sure once she is done with the bar exam we will start seeing eachother more. I hate that she moved to Clinton Township though, ugh. That part of the state if the absolute worst to get to, it is so freaking congested and trafficy. I keep trying to talk her into moving here, hehe. Tony is a doctor, so he really could open his own place ANYWHERE, and I don't see any better place than Monroe, do you? hehe. We had dinner at Eastside Mario's, which I love and my food was really good. I had angel hair pasta with spicy marinara and shrimp. Yum.

Friday night, Kurt, Kory and I headed to Quatro's for dinner. While there, we saw our friend Gary....on a date. It was strange to see him there because we don't normally see people we know in Monroe. He lives nearby though, so I don't know why I would think that it was weird. Kurt is predicting that the date was not going well, but I don't know. I will have to ask Gary later.

This morning, I went and got a massage in Monroe. Rebecca was busy all weekend, so she was not coming over to give me my Desperate Housewives massage on Sunday night, LOL. So, I headed to Blu Water. Had a new therapist today, Steve, who was awesome. I had him just do upper body, since that is my prob area and he did a great job. I am so screwed up. Stress goes straight to my shoulder, neck and back muscles. After that, I did a few things around the house--laundry, some dishes, picked up some stuff.

Just ordered my niece's birthday gift online.....Every year I order her stuff from Sephora....She is an addict like me. I am not going to list what I got her though because I have no idea if she reads my blog or not? I am guessing not, but I am not ruining the surprise....I will post what I got her AFTER she gets the gift.

I am exhausted now, so I think I am going to head to bed. Hope everyone is having a good weekend....

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