Wednesday, January 24, 2007

World Record


Incredible things are happening at our house. The oven? It was used two days in a row. Yes, yes it was. I made two meals in a row. In the oven. This is truly a remarkable thing.


So yesterday morning, I had my first multiple hearing day. Also, I had my first hearings at the Friend of the Court. Everything went well, and I was especially pleased with one hearing. Here are the deets:

Child: Age 6, boy.
My client: Dad, has not been allowed to see the child much in 6 years, and has gotten nowhere asking for parenting time himself.
Other side: Mother. Control freak. Has enjoyed having complete control over parenting time for 6 years. Pregnant with third child, only 23 years old. No lawyer, representing herself.

We filed a Motion for specific parenting time and reduction in child support. Went in front of the referee and advised what was going on. Said we wanted specific schedule. Referee asks other side what she wants, she agrees with me. OK. She also says, I will agree to whatever you want, Mr. Referee. OK. I jump all over that. I tell the referee we want every other week in the summer (which is VERY rare) and every other weekend during the school year. The Ref asks her if this is OK and she just says YES. I am thinking, WHY are we in court? Anyway, my client was thrilled and the time starts this weekend. Strange. I usually have to argue more than that. Which would have been none. Gotta love those cases.

Oh, and everyone welcome home my laptop! After vacay, I took it in for repairs. They called me becausse they needed my restore disks, and I could not find them at first. Finally found them and took them in and picked up the finished product today! I am beyond thrilled to be sitting on my couch and typing and watching American Idol. Now I just need to get Kurt's fixed, which requires calling Dell, which is basically my worst hell. I hate calling there.

I think that's about all going on in the household in the past couple days......I miss having Rebecca around to talk to! Damm her going on a cruise....

For all those who read this who are wondering how she is doing though, she emailed me today from an Internet Cafe and she is having a great time. She says she is getting an awesome tan, and today, her and her Mom were on shore in the Bahamas and were going to Atlantis to a casino and aquarium. I am so jealous! She also advised that she bought Kurt three bottles of foreign rum, so he will be psyched.


Ken Rosebriar said...

A liberal who fights at the friend of the court to get men more time with their kids??? HUH?

This seems a bit counterproductive to the existence of the liberal IV-D/child support/welfare system as a whole.

Being as green as you are, it's obvious that you haven't quite figured out just how "the ghost in the machine" of the child support system works yet.

You will eventually though - if you haven't already, that is. It doesn't take long... lol.

BTW: I'm interested to know the results from your December 13 contested motion case. I know it's not going to be resolved any time soon, so even just an update would be appreciated...

Feel free to e-mail me at the address below. Thanks!

Ken Rosebriar

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Wouldn't fighting for the rights of men be the liberal approach, since courts tend to favor the conservative approach of mothers having their children solely? Maybe I am confused as to what you are saying.....

Anyway, my politics and my career are completely separate from eachother. I have the obligation to fight for anything my clients want, and I do not take cases based on my political beliefs, even if that does not seem very liberal of me, LOL. I have bills to pay......

I have been working in Family Law for 9 years, so I think I pretty much have the system figured out! :).

Hmm, my Dec 13 hearing. Let's see. I think that was the one that I got joint custody for my client. He gets pretty much half the time with his daughter and first right of refusal re parenting time. So, it was positive. The problem now is the mother is not following the Order, so we are going back to court soon to ask her to prove why she should not be held in contempt.........

Quick question.....How did you stumble across my blog? Just wondering, because I thought only my friends and family read about my boring life, but apparently, some others do as well! :). Glad to have you reading.

Are you interested in or involved in the law?

Rebecca said...

I missed you too!!! And wow, 2 dinners in a row? See what happens when I'm not around to chat with you, you get stuff done!

And who the hell is this Ken dude leaving you crazy blog comments?!?