Friday, March 23, 2007


So. I am exhausted and SOO want to leave work right now. But, Kurt is meeting with our last appointment. Blah.

Anyway. I booked my flight to San Fran today. Finally. Nothing like putting things off to the last minute, but that is, my friends, my downfall. Procrastination. I am leaving the night of April 12 (Thursday) and coming back that Monday (night). I somehow found direct flights to San Fran, which I am psyched about because I detest layovers. Especially since I am flying Northwest and they are almost always delayed, which makes the layovers stressful.

I have never flown without Kurt, so this will be a first. I love flying, so that part of it does not make me nervous, but it's just weird in general that I am going someplace and he will not be there. I am hoping to meet up with my friend, Dawn (from high school) while I am there. I need to remember to take her cell phone number with me when I go..........

So, why San Fran? A school board conference. It's the National Conference. Most of our board is going, and it will be fun. We are going to a baseball game on Friday night, and they is totally the highlight of the trip for me, I can't wait.

Anyway, gotta go, Kurt is done with his appointment. Will write more later.....

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