Monday, March 19, 2007

What Happened to the Days?

So. This cold? Has taken me away from blogging. Almost every night since Thursday, I have fallen asleep earlier than normal. Which, is most likely good for me anyway.

Friday night, I had dinner with Julia at Portofino's in Wyandotte. We were celebrating her finishing school, her taking the bar, everything. Plus, I have not seen her in a while. Dinner was yummy--I had a blackened tuna with rice and Jules had shrimp scampi pasta. It was really, really nice to see her. Came home and pretty much passed out because of this damn cold.

Saturday, woke up early feeling MISERABLE. Went and had a massage I had scheduled earlier in the week, which made me relax some. Stopped at the Gap Outlet after that and bought a new pair of jeans, a pair of black pants for work, and a blue sweater. Came home and worked out before Rebecca came over. Once she got here, we went to Target because i keep forgetting to buy a fruit basket/bowl and I wanted to buy one. Yay. Found a kewl black modern one. My apples, bananas and kiwi are now happily in said bowl. We also stopped at Kohl's where I bought Kurt a new Tigers sweatshirt andd Kory a hilarious Chuck Norris t-shirt. We all went to dinner at a Mexican place in Monroe, and then I passed out early again, thanks to the cold.

Sunday, I decided I had enough with the cold. Went to an urgent care doctor. Got a prescription to my fav, the z-pak, and am already feeling better today. Not totally, but I can function again and the congestion is almost none. I got on the treadmill today after three days of only biking. So, that felt good. I took it somewhat easy on myself, but still did the requisite two miles. Biked some too. While watching the first episode of Dancing with the Stars.

I have been so sick, the last few days are just slipping my, I will write more when I can think of what happened. I think the fever made me delirious.

Oh, one thing. Kurt and Kory finished sectioning out the basement. So, all the rooms are set, spots for doors, etc. AND, Kurt bought the stuff for the bocce ball course in the backyard and he and Kory may build it this weekend....Yay!

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