Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Easter was fun. We had dinner at my Aunt's house in Canton, and she always makes great meals that Kurt and I can eat too. I felt like an Italian family this time--we had all Italian entrees such as lasagna, chicken and shrimp alfredo, salad, etc. It was nice to see the family, and nice to relax for the day. She gave us all Easter baskets and my candy has already been turned over to Kurt and Kory. Although I did splurge and eat some jelly beans. They have no fat, that would be my excuse. :).

This week has been nice at the office thus far. Phones have been OK, I think a lot of people are out of town for their kids' Spring Breaks, and it is giving me a break to catch up on some paperwork, which we totally need.

I leave on Thursday night for San Fran, which means i need to pack tomorrow night and take my car to work. I will leave from the office around 5 p.m. or so. I am still kinda nervous about travelling alone (which I have never done), but I am sure it will be fine. I have directions on getting my shuttle at the airport and the flight is direct, so what could really go wrong.......I am going to try and pack light since I won't have Kurt to carry my stuff through the airport. hehe.

So, speaking of trips, we are trying to decide where to go for my birthday in May. We are thinking of going over Memorial Day weekend, just so we can have an extra day. I am pretty sure at this point it will be Belize, but I am keeping my options open, if anyone has any kind of fabulous idea. Keep in mind that we are not interested in cruises, or just lying on a beach. We need to be active and see wildlife, animals, etc. Let me know if you have ideas! :).

**Picture above is from far back in our yard of our house at dusk. To all my city dwelling friends, this is the kind of view you never get living in the middle of all the action........;).

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Boiesy said...

Hey Lori!! You two should take a trip to New Brunswick, if you are interested in camping or hiking, Mt Carleton Provincial Park is beautiful place, though somewhat secluded, and Fundy National Park is gorgeous too, right on the Bay of Fundy with the giant flowerpot rocks and the highest tides :) Theres tonnes of hiking trails and camping, and its probably one of my favorite places in the world :)