Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Politically Correct

So, Rebecca has me addicted to Queer As Folk. Awesome, awesome show. But only for the openminded, so please, my conservative friends, do not attempt to watch this.

The point of my post. I have now netflixed and should receive tomorrow the following: The L Word. Season one, first two discs. I am just finishing up Disc 3 of Big Love.

So, once I get that, I will have three shows on DVD I am watching at home. One that revolves around gay men, one that revolves around lesbians, and the other that is about polygamists. I am so supporting all groups all there. Go me. Ha.

Work was super productive today. I got a ton of paperwork done. Sad thing is, I have a ton more.

A client and his Mom today told me that I am the spitting image of the other side on the case (they hired me). I was looking at her stats after they left. She has the same eye color, hair color, same height and weight as me. Um, year born? 1985. That would make me 21. Umm, not quite. But, I guess it's better than me looking 41, right?

So tired, so I am going to close here......

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