Saturday, July 07, 2007

Such a great day! :). I got up and headed to Rebecca's house. We had lunch at Pita Pit (a new experience for me, I really liked it). We had plans to go to the zoo. But, the zoo had other plans for us. We drove there (after taking a brief detour to a furniture store going out of business) and were directed to the overflow parking. Which I have never been directed to in my zoo outings. I think flashes of 90 degree plus weather, too many people, strollers making it impossible to get around and screaming hot kids made us decide to head to the mall instead. With air conditioning. Yay.

We headed to Somerset, which I love because they are always changing, getting new stores etc. I hate the mall because of the people (SO freaking snobby), but I can ignore that and shop. Seriously. The mall is for shopping. One should wear capris, flip flops and t-shirts. The women in this mall are dressed like they are going to a club or something. Heels (who shops in stilettos, seriously), dresses, expensive designer bags......Aargh. I have to just not look because I can't stand it. Anyway. We got there and attempted to find me silver shoes for the wedding. I think Rebecca's comment was "If you can't find shoes at Somerst, you won't find them anywhere." I guess I am going barefoot, because I am still without silver shoes. I think I will look online next. What I did find were some great sales. We first stopped at Ann Taylor Loft and I got an adorable skirt and t-shirt for work. Next, The Limited, where I got an awesome skirt marked down from $65 to $19. On to the Gap where I got $80.00 in t-shirts for $20. Whoot! And last, but not least, Somerset (drumroll please) now has a Lush! I have always wanted to try their products, and never have for whatever reason. I even have them on my Amazon Wishlist. Anyway, today, I purchased shampoo, conditioner and lip balm. I can't wait to use all three. And the people in the store were so upbeat. Loved it.

Came home and Kurty and I went to Red Lobster to have dinner and watch the start of the Tigers game. Which is STILL on. We were supposed to watch a movie tonight, but I dont know if that will happen now. Tomorrow night maybe.

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Rebecca said...

That damn game lasted forever! Every time I said "I'm going to bed" I would watch one more inning, thank God for Pudge! It's all about the praying, ha.

And you have to watch Kids! I have to see if you are as disturbed by it as I was!