Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Reason I Can't Stand Sarah Palin

This article made me want to vomit. Beluga whales are gorgeous, docile creatures. I love them. And who does not care about their well-being? Yep, you guessed it. Sarah Palin. And of course, we know she favors over the whales and why she did not want to protect them. Drill, baby, drill. That's right.

Sarah Palin is a heartless bitch. I cannot believe that anyone would want her to possibly be the leader of this country, or even second in command. BLEH.

Read the article here.


Jennifer said...

I love the way you just say what you feel! You rock Lori!

Saw a cartoon that had the three little pigs cheering Sarah Palin -- it said she finally found a group that supports aerial hunting of wolves.

Election Day cannot get here soon enough. I'm visiting my parents in Las Vegas and the negative McCain ads are disgusting. They aren't running in CA (where I live) but here? I'm appalled.

Rachael said...

and she doesn't care about the polar bears... :(