Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Fun

**All of us, playing cards.
Had a fun night tonight seeing family! :). My Mom and Ronnie were down, as well as my Maga and Bumpa (grama and grampa for those of you not in the know, hehe), as my Mom and Ronnie are driving Maga and Bumpa to Florida for the winter.

**me and maga

Headed over there around 3, and left around 9. While there, we hung out, played Euchre, had dinner.......I lost all three games of Euchre. Ashley and I were totally stomped by Maga and my Mom.

The pic below is of us (winners and losers). :).

BTW, below is my new hair! At least the cut. You can see the color in the above pics. I took it from the side so you could see the bangs better. I am really liking it. I think it gives my hair more depth and even more volume. It's kinda hard getting used to, because I am not used to the extra hair in the front like that, but I am loving the way it looks.

Anyway, it was great to see everyone. Besides those pictured, my two Uncles were there (Tim and Tom), my cousin, Thomas, my Aunt Luann and my Aunt Lisa.

Friday night, Rebecca came over, and we all went to Pete's to fulfill Rebecca's craving for fish and chips. I think we were successful. Yay! Had a great time at dinner. Came home and chilled. Kory and Rebecca decided to see a movie, Quarantine, but Kurt is still getting over a cold, so we stayed in and went to bed early. While here, Rebecca took this pic of me and Kurt by the pond.

This morning, got up early and got a massage, then picked up our contacts at Sears, and dog/cat food at Petsmart. Came home and did some laundry, did some other houselike chores..........I so needed that massage. I can feel my muscles are sore from it, ugh.

BTW, kittens are still there. Still want nothing to do with me, LOL, but are still there eating the food we put out. Tonight, all 4 of them were playing on the porch, chasing eachother and being adorable, while I spyed on them through the front door. :).


Anonymous said...

Lori - If you want the cats to become friendly, put out a cozy box they can crawl into with their food. In the box, include an old t-shirt you've slept in the night before. This will allow them to connect your scent with comfort and food.

Replace the t-shirt after a week or so - making sure your scent (not a perfume) is on it.

Brittany said...

Your haircut/color is super cute! Love it!

Emily said...

also love the hair!!! very cute.

Deb said...

i want to see pictures of these kitties dammit! lol
And love the haircut!

Jennifer said...

How fun to play Euchre! And your hair is darling, love it!

MissThang said...

LOVE the new hair! How does Kurt like it?

Lori H said...

Sarah--weirdly, Kurt likes my hair! I say weirdly because he usually does not notice a difference, but the day I went, that night, he told me he liked it. I was shocked, LOL.

Deb--I wish the kittens would let me take pics, but alas, they will not....Boo.

mel--I tried the box with a shirt thing, and saw one of the kittens playing it in this morning. :). Thanks for the idea.

And everyone, thanks for the hair compliments! Next time, I am going to ask for more strawberry blonde/red, but I love the cut!

.................Nancy said...

What a gorgeous picture of you and Kurt!! You look great!

Jenn said...

Love the hair!

AmberDenae said...

Your hair looks amazing! I love it!