Thursday, February 05, 2009


I really do not have much to say, but felt like blogging, so this will be kinda random. This week has been busy with work and board meetings. I have not had a lot of free time, and my desk is piled with work to get done. AARGH. We had an interesting custody trial this week that Kurt did, and I stopped in to watch some of it. I love watching Kurt in trial, he is really in his element, even though he hates the prep and getting ready for it. I have literally not seen another attorney, in our area of law, who comes close to being as good as Kurt in trial. He is a total natural. or acts like it anyway, LOL. We find out the results in a couple weeks. We reprensent the mother and it's just another of those cases where the father wants more time to avoid paying more money, which is sad. So many fathers WANT the time, and guys like this one make a bad name for Dad's everywhere. Jessica said after the trial that she does not see at all how Kurt could have lost, but you never know in family law. It's very unpredictable, so we will see.

I made a new mac and cheese recipe that I cut out of a magazine last night, from a chef named Alan Ashkinaze. The recipe was below average comopared to the Martha Stewart mac and cheese, but it was a lot easier to make. I guess the recipes that require more effort are just better sometimes. Oh well. It was OK.

Today, we walked outside to another gorgeous MI day (note heavy sarcasm). It was negative 5 degrees. I seriously am sick of this crap. I hate cold weather and I am getting really restless not being able to go outside, with my camera, and walk or hike. I know I could in the snow, but I hate cold weather, and it has been just brutal here. I need some time away in NICE weather. Badly. It is supposed to warm up some this weekend, so hopefully that helps me.

So, I need new boots. Not the knee high type, more like just over my ankle for wearing under dress pants. Any suggestions on brands you like, or sites to use? I have been looking online, and am just not finding what I want in a reasonable price. I don't want to spend $100s of dollars on a pair. I really liked my last pair, but they were cheaply made and only lasted part of last winter and part of this winter.


Mindy said...

I have these, and I love them. Big time. And now that they are on sale - I may get myself another pair!

Mindy said...

And it helps to leave the link. Alot. OOPS!

Lori H said...

love those. I have Aerosole heels that I love and are super comfy, so I may be placing an order for these today. Great deal too!