Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So many things to do.....

This trip crept up on me so quickly! I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow after work. And, we are leaving straight from the office, so i have to pack everything tonight. So, tonight has been BUSY.

Did not leave work until 720 or so. Kurt had a mediation that went kinda late and we had some stuff to finish up for tomorrow morning. Stopped and picked up dinner and a prescription at Kroger that I needed before we could leave. Came home and ate and did the following:

1. Folded and hung up laundry, put laundry from washer into dryer and put another load in washer. Brought three hampers from my bedroom into the laundry room and an empty one returned to the bedroom.

2. Picked up a bunch of work clothes in bedroom and hung in closets.

3. Picked up random stuff in bedroom and bathroom.

4. Took dishes out of dishwasher and loaded in again.

5. Brought suitcase up from basement and cleaned it (really dusty). Took backpacks and life jackets to the basement from the Galapagos trip that were STILL sitting near the stairs to be taken down.

6. Emptied garbages in three of the bathrooms, put new Kleenex in two of them and changed refilled toilet paper in two.

7. Other random crap I can't remember.

I am exhausted, and I have not even finished. Ugh. Sitting here taking a break.

So, I told Kurt this morning where we are going. On accident. AGAIN. it's OK though because I wanted him to look at the Philly book I had to decide what attractions he wants to see. Gave him the book as soon as we got home to read through.

Had lunch today with an attorney friend of mine, Michelle, and the new person she hired in her office, Tracy. She hired Tracy at the same time we hired Jessica. So, the four of us had lunch, which was super fun, but too quick. Jess and I had to get back to prepare for an afternoon mediation. She was going with Kurt and I had to hurry up and finish the Brief beforehand. I was so slammed all afternoon too with appointments. It was craziness with only me there and Kurt and Jessica at the Mediation.

Anyway, off to do more stuff for tomorrow. I will be taking the computer with me, so I may post late at night, or I may not. If not, everyone have a nice weekend and I am sure I will be back with pics and a trip report early next week! :).

Happy Valentine's Day!


Miss Thang said...

Have SO much fun! Happy Valentine's Day :)

Jennifer said...

YAY for a trip coming when you've been so slammed at work -- you need a break! Enjoy yourself and Happy Valentine's Day!

Rachael said...

Have a great time on your trip!

Rebecca said...

Have a great time!!

Jenn said...

Have a great time!

Lisa said...

Have a super awesome weekend!

.................Nancy said...

I hope you're having an amazing time!! Happy v-day and happy birthday Kurt!