Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Review....

So, trying to recall the week since I have not posted any real content since Monday! :).

Monday night, had a board meeting. It was unbearably hot in there, something going on with the AC. We had a lot of stuff to cover, and I had to keep fanning myself, ugh, to even be able to stay awake.

Tuesday, had a massage after work, which was awesome. I needed it badly. My one shoulder is always so much higher than the other when I go in, and I have no idea what I do to make it that way. But, I felt much better afterwards. Yay.

Wednesday, had dinner with my friend, Nancy, from law school, after work. We ate at Portofino's, and it was really yummy, as usual. It is nice to sit on the deck and gossip......

Went to Kohl's today because I had a 30% off coupon I wanted to use. Of course, when I have a coupon, there is never much I really like at the store, LOL. I wanted to buy a couple new blankets for our bed though, as the two we use the most are starting to , andwear out. So, I bought two blue blankets here and here (my room is shades of blue). Ended up buying Kurt a few shirts on clearance racks (2 dress shirts for work, a casual Ralph Lauren polo like shirt, and a Tigers shirt). Bought myself two bras on the clearance rack (SCORE) and ended up buying a Shark steam mop, after Mindy recommended them a while back. They clean solely with steam, which I like, since a lot of cleaners can be harmful for the dogs and bugsy. I tried it out a little bit on our living room floor and it seems to work really well!

Jessica, one of the attorneys at our office, got really sick on Thursday. She went to the doctor who said she either had strep or mono. I was really hoping it was not mono because that could mean she could be out of work for weeks.......This morning, she texted me that it is strep, so yay for that. Mono in adults can be really bad, I have heard. Plus, I need her at the office. Monday was already crazy, and I had to move a bunch of stuff around. I was not looking forward to doing that for weeks on end. We kinda just schedule whatever on the calendar because with 4 attorneys, we can cover everything. With 3, it makaes it a little more tricky.

It's so weird football season has started. It does not feel like football season weather.

Other than that, not much going on! Work has been pretty busy, and I have kinda felt a little tired lately, so I have kinda just been trying to rest at night. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.


Megan said...

I need to get to Kohl's. I have a $10 off coupon that I need to use! I hope it hasn't expired.

Hobby Chef said...

I always mourn the end of baseball season and have a hard time transitioning into football as well.