Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Three Hours a Day

Seriously, during the work week, that is about what I have to myself per day. Will post more about this later on the secret blog, but there is a reason behind my frustration.

So, on a positive note, had dinner with my Grama, Aunt (Karen), Dad, and Kurty on Monday. We went to a place called Brann's in Northville, which I would rate as below average. Everyone was just kinda "whatevs" about their food. We did have a good queso dip as an app, but can you really screw that up? It was nice, however, to see everyone and hang out, as I had not seen any of them in longer than usual. Saturday and the rest of Sunday were spent at home, not doing much, which was exactly what I had planned.

This week at work has been insane, which should be anticipated since we had Monday off. I don't even know where the days have gone. My desk is, yet again, piled with work that I am desperate to get through, however, my days have not allowed much of that to happen. I was in court today until 1, and Tuesday and this afternoon were all day apppointment insanity. Plus, I feel like I have some sort of cold or something coming on, which is NOT good. I am hoping it is really allergies looking like a cold. The weather is changing, so it's entirely possible.

Took Vito to the vet yesterday because he has been doing this wheezing thing. He has bronchitis! Poor baby. Basically, it means he has a bad cold. The doc gave him medicine for that as well as a pain killer for his throat. He already seems all the way better. Wish I got better that quickly from meds when I am sick! :). The meds make him tired, so he is being ultra cuddly at night when we are here.

Came home tonight and did some laundry and made dinner and am chilling. I went to bed early last night, trying to fight this cold, and will go again early tonight probably.

Oh, I got the new clothes I ordered on clearance from Banana Republic and Gap. Love all of it. One of the shirts I did not get because they ran out, but I got a t-shirt from Banana that fits awesome (I love longer length t-shirts and this is perfect), a sweater to wear over tanks and shirts which I love as it's really unique and the other shirt I have not worn at, but kewl cut sweater. The Gap bra is great too, I may be loving theirs (when on clearance) from now on. Since I think Victoria's is lacking, i am really opening up to other places and finding them BETTER than Victoria's.

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Rachael said...

Poor pup! Glad he's doing better.

I am over Victoria's Secret as well. I've been trying other brands... Natori, Calvin Klein & the Elle Macpherson(?) line at Nordstrom has been so much better-- all available at Nordstrom Rack for way less after season! Although even in the regular Nords they are only $26-58. Bye, Bye crappy $60 VS bras!