Friday, September 04, 2009


Wow, I can't believe that this entire week has gone by and I have not posted since something quick on Monday.

This week was crazy busy. I had a lot of either crazy busy appointment days in the office, or long days in court. Barely had time to breathe, ugh. Had some fun stories at the office, which I will blog about in the private blog and post a link to here later.

So, my Mom was in town part of the week. Thursday after the Tigers game, they met us at the office and came to the house for the night. We all went out to dinner at Michigan Bar and Grille, then hung out at the house for the night, which was fun. Today, I headed over to relatives in Farmington Hills to hang out with my Mom and everyone again today, which was super fun. Got to see my cousin, Carolyn (who is 12) and hang with her a bunch. We all went shopping and to lunch, and I bought her a backpack for school for her birthday. We had dinner there too, and cake for Carolyn's bday. Nice day overall. Oh, I bought a hilarious shirt at Kohl's too. Remember the Fisher Price People that most kids played with as little ones? Well this shirt is dark grey (t-shirt), and has those Fisher Price People going across it. The shirt then says "chillin with my people". I normally do not like shirts that say anything on them, but this one cracked me up. Of course, cannot find a pic of it. :(.

Nothing too exciting going on besides that....Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend.

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Megan said...

I guess you're just going to have to take a picture of yourself IN the shirt :)