Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why I Want to Travel to Borneo...

Orangutan and the Hound

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healingsgreen@live.com said...

The best work done on PTSD that I know as done by Dr Ed Tick:
His book was the only thing that worked for some veterans. I pass this along because what you experienced on Flight 253 was similar to being in combat and the love behind Ed Tick's work might possibly be of use to you and Kurt. With all best wishes, Bruce

MaryMaxwell said...

Dear Lori, I admire your youth and vigor – that you could even consider wearing those high, high heels. And thank you so much for Uganda guide.
Now hear this about Dingell. You need to replace him. And it will be easy. Granted, the powerful will try to smear you. But luckily you have a blogspot that pre-dates any interest in politics and shows you off as a normal human being. Pleeeeeeeeeease consider it.
Yes you are “too busy,” but if our country collapses -- which it will if Haskell-types don’t grab it quick – then your too-busyness will be irrelevant. You, and I, and everyone, will be in a state of trauma more lasting than the one you got at Christmas. What I mean is that things are a lot more advanced toward wickedness than you seem to realize.
If you can’t run for office, pls ask your nice Mom to do it.
I tried a run for House of Reps from NH in 2006 – it was very easy and cheap too, thanks to Internet. (See maxwellforcongress.com) You do not have to meet anyone’s schedule or take any risks with your body. You can do it all from home. And still be in people’s living rooms. Amazing. Vito Corleone can be your front man.
I am willing to advise you, or anyone who wants to run, on any party ticket, if you phone me (strictly after 7pm Detriot time, please) at my Australian location 011 61 88 331 2025. I am the author of “Nation America and the Law” which is free at nationaamericaandthelaw.blogspot.com
Lori: here’s what my Mother used to say: “To him whom much is given, from him much is expected.” Love mary email marymaxwhale@gmail.com