Saturday, March 06, 2010


Work has been crazy. To the point that I do not really have anything interesting to post about, but thought I was a little bit overdue, so I will try.

Today was super fun. Headed to Clawson to Rebecca's house so we could aimlessly do whatever. Which included shopping at Kohl's, Petco and Old Navy, then lunch with a coupon at Papa Vino's, then shopping at Target and DSWs. I shockingly found nothing I liked at DSW. This may be a first. :). Did get baby Nick three t-shirts at Old Navy (see here, here and here), and got some hair clips and a pepper plant at Target. It was great to see and catch up with Rebecca, and a really relaxing day in general. Rebecca's neighbor blew up a snowman with some fireworks, which was hiLARious.

Last night, had dinner with Gary and his girlfriend at Nick and Nino's, where they had never been to before. Had a nice time catching up with them and having dinner at my fav Monroe place.

I was super psyched today. I got home from Rebecca's, and Kurty announced that he is ready to get on a plane again. I think he is ready to move on from this Flight 253 stuff and try to put it out of our minds. I had been kinda down lately about our lack of travelling, so I am very excited to start planning trips on planes again vs road trips (which I do NOT prefer). We are thinking about taking a baseball trip in April, and then someplace for my bday in May. We were planning on Rome, but now we are a little leery about going to Europe, so will prob end up someplace South of here.

Stacey is in Aruba right now, and I am super jealous! We will miss her at the office next week, but I am glad she is off relaxing some. :). Kurt wants her to take pics of the bar Natalie Holloway disappeared from, LOL. And Megan is recovering from surgery, but will be back in the office on Monday. We will be happy to have her back as well, the phones have been crazy without her around! I was thrilled her surgery went well too, I get nervous when people have surgeries.......

The weather this weekend has been GREAT! I did not even wear a coat today while shopping, which is a first for this year! Whoot! I heart pre-Spring weather.


Jennifer said...

Whoot for a baseball trip!!! That sounds super fun! I have two of those planned -- Cincy in April and San Diego in May. Gotta follow those Cardinals!! :)

Brittany said...

Yay for going on trips again!