Saturday, June 12, 2010


Wow, it was muggy in our area today! It was around 90 degrees out, which is pretty rare for here. Love this weather for convertible driving! :).

Kurt and started the day off with massages, which was my reward to us for doing 43 hearings this week. After that, Kurt wanted to stop at Vince's for lunch, so we ate outside on their patio and clogged our arteries. I have not eaten there in like years, so it was yummy. Tried their homemade rootbeer, and it is the BEST I have ever had. So good. After that, I decided to drive into town to run some errands, but did not get much done. Stopped at the place I wanted to buy glasses at, found NOTHING. Think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and pay the prices at Sears. I found a pair of Kenneth Cole's I really liked there, but did not want to pay their prices since America's Best is so cheap. Boo. Then I went to Kohl's and Elder Beerman, looking for work clothes, found nothing. Stopped in this store called Maurice's at the mall, which I generally do not shop at since they have junior sizes, but I walked towards the back and found a career kinda section. Tried on a black skirt and shirts and loved it all! I guess I should stop being prejudice towards the junior type stores. I bought this skirt, this shirt (in ruby red), this shirt, and this shirt. The shirts are great because I can wear them under suits, but also wear them with dress pants and without the suit coat after I get out of court. Looked for shoes today too, but did not have any luck in that regard either. The stores tend to have shoes that are too casual for court during the summer. I need a trip to a DSW with Rebecca.........Came home and did some stuff around here, talked to my Momma on the phone, then took a short nap on the couch....Dinner with Kurt. We ate at Applebees for the first time in years, and they still have a really lame menu for vegetarians. Food and service were good, but it will prob be years before we go back, LOL.

No idea what I am up to tomorrow. I really should go in and do some paperwork, but I may just ignore that need and do something else! :). Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


Rebecca said...

This humidity is ridiculous!

Cute clothes!

colfin said...

Cute tops! Love them! :)