Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Phone

Today was so productful! :). No court for Kurt or I (no clue how we both got out of it), so we got a ton of paperwork done. Whoot. I heart clearing my desk. No court tomorrow either, which may be a miracle. Love when Stacey and Jessica can cover everything.

Worked part of Sunday, and got a LOT of paperwork done, which was nice. Stopped at the mall afterwards, still on a quest to find some new work heels, and had no luck, again. Macy's has a few pair I liked, but none in my size. Seriously, Macy's. The one in Taylor is horrible with stocking sizes. Also stopped at NY and Co (liked nothing). I guess it's good when the stores have nothing I like, less money spent shopping! :).

My computer is fixed! Yay! And for only $39. I needed a new keyboard. It was horrible not being able to really use the bottom part of the keyboard though. And, they cleaned my laptop for free, which is good since I am lazy and don't do it as much as I should. Thanks computer place!

Poor little Gretel does not seem to be feeling well tonight. She looks really tired, and is not eating treats like normal. She did take two walks with us through the yard tonight, so I am not overly worried, but I hope she perks up soon! I had this sudden burst of energy on our walks tonight and decided to see if I could still do front handsprings! I can! Took more energy than in high school, but I am still a gymnast! hehe. I should start doing that more, great workout of some different muscles. Two nights ago, Kurt walked to the pond at dusk and saw a deer! We know they hang around there (footprints), but we have never seen one at the pond before. So kewl. The pugs did not see it as it sauntered away, which is good, because they would have freaked out I think. LOL.

Board meeting last night was LONG. I got there at 530 and did not leave until 842. And, I left early because I had to pick up a prescription and was not feeling well. It was just a committee meeting, so no biggie, but still. Meetings take way too long.........I guess as a lawyer, I am used to having to get to the point quickly since the Judges don't want to hear the whole long story, and it exasperates me to just dwell on issues forever. AARGH.

I want to get the new iPhone. I have the first edition iPhone, which has been an awesome, reliable phone. However, I think it is starting to die. There are a couple minor "lines" appearing on the sides of the screen, which don't stop the use of the phone, but I dont think it will be long until it gets worse. So, we stopped at AT&T today to try and pre-order. 45 minutes wait. Yea, no thanks. Tried to place an order online, site was down. So, looks like I will be waiting. Which is fine, it's not like I need the phone right now or anything. I generally like products to come out first and see how others like them before purchasing, but since mine is about to die, it kinda seemed like a sign! :). Hopefully when I totally *need* a phone, I will be able to get the new one.


Rebecca said...

Charlie hasn't been acting right either, but I think his is an eye infection, I have to take him in tomorrow.

And why am I not surprised that all of the sites crashed? I'm with you, I'll play the waiting game. I've had this phone over 2 years, another month won't kill me.

Anonymous said...

Lori -
If you have the old data plan (because you have the original iPhone) make sure they grandfather your plan to your new phone.