Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reverse in the Crosswalk

I should not wait so long to post, as so much happens and I don't remember it all to type......

Friday night. Tigers v A's, Game Three. We had tickets. Awesome game. Friday the 13th. Prevous post told you about why the day was lucky for me....let me outline why it's NOT lucky for Kurt. We were walking to the game, and across a crosswalk right next to the stadium. We were running late, so nobody was really around except some scalpers, some cops and some cars driving. As we walked across the street and were almost to the next sidewalk, a van suddenly backed up and almost hit me AND Kurt. I screamed and jumped out of the way. Before Kurt could even react, the van hit him. He flew about 5 feet....I freaked. He did not fall or anything, but he was in obvious pain. The guystops his van and jumps out asking "are you alright?" Kurt and I both start yelling at the guy.....I start crying because I am terrified Kurt is hurt. Two cops run up, asking what had happened. Kurt says "he hit me with his van". Basically, long story short, Kurt is fine. His back hurt some, and he has a large bruise on his arm....We were running late, so Kurt was like, "Screw it, I am not going to pursue this anymore." We were both SOO mad. He could have run both of us over. I am now wondering if the guy was drunk or something. Rest of the night was lucky though, since the Tigs won!

The game was funny too. We were sitting by this fun couple, younger than us, probably in their early 20s I would guess. Anyway, she had a nice camera too, so we were talking about photography, yada yada. Toward the end of the game, they ended up having to stand because the people in front of them were standing. They could not see. The people behind them (who were complete and total white trash) started yelling and swearing at THEM because of the standing. Girl turns around the tells them, "Look, we have to stand or we can't see." White trash people start threatening to throw beer and start fights. Pathetic. Finally, next inning, everyone decided to stand up to get those stupid people to shut up. Which they finally did, but not before really annoying the peeps next to us. OK, people. It's a PLAYOFF game. People are going to stand, and have the right to. DEAL WITH IT.

Oh, other game facts. It was an average of only 45 degrees. So I wore a winter coat, winter hat, even GLOVES. How strange.

Here is the link to my pics from that game, click here.


PeachesAmy said...

That pic of you and Kurt is cute! I love looking at your game pics... they're great!

PeachesAmy said...

I hope Kurt is ok. What a moron driver.

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks, Amy. He is OK, but he is also a guy, and I swear, he would not admit it if he were hurting. ;).