Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still in Shock

Yes, I said it. I am still in shock about the Tigers being in the playoffs. I have followed them for SOO long and they have pretty much never been good. Long ago, when they were good, I was a little kid and don't even really remember it. So, this is pretty kewl! AND, we have tickets to both the game tomorrow night AND the game on Saturday afternoon. Plus, if they win this series, I already have tickets to the first game of the next series. This seriously is like the most exciting sports event ever to Kurt. I asked him what was more exciting, being at the game when the Pistons won it all a couple years back or this, and he really said this. It's so cute. I will be taking my camera, so hopefully, I get a lot of good shots.

Anyway, gotta run. Need to get to bed. Oh, and by the way, Vito says hi. ;).

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

How did you get tickets anyway? You must tell me these things before so I can get a ticket too!