Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My life is insane. Seriously. It's Wednesday. My last post was last Thursday. Bad, bad me. I have been crazy busy though, I swear! Not avoiding posting. Promise. ;).

Last night, I saw Sweet Charity at the Fisher in Detroit. Molly Ringwald played the starring role and she was really cute. My Aunt and I had dinner at Cuisine beforehand with a gift cert we had, and my food was superb, but the service was below par. I had sturgeon with rice. Really good, and my first experience with sturgeon. But, I got home really late which made me tired today for court. Had my first Motion in bankruptcy court today. It's so different than family court. So much more formal. But, I won my Motion and it was not hard at all, thankfully. I also went to court for my first time this week on a Chapter 13 Meeting of creditors, which was actually kinda fun to do. I like the bankruptcy hearings. Which is shocking, because I thought I liked family law better. I guess it just depends on the day.

Sunday was fab. Went to Rebecca's, as I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig for her and Garry testing tandem massage, which is two people massaging one person at once. It was awesonme, plus I gave them feedback. Both Gary and Rebecca are awesome, so both of them together basically equates to me being spoiled rotten. FOr free! But, it was fun and nice to meet Gary. Afterwards, Rebecca and I headed to Trader Joe's and I stocked up on fresh fish for the house and some other staple products.

Saturday was great too. We had the March of Dimes walk that morning at the state park. I ended up raising $130, which I thought was pretty good for only having a week to raise money and not really trying that hard. The walk was nice and it was nice having Rebecca with me to gossip with. ;). Afterwards, Rebecca and I went to the mall for a little while, then all of us headed to an auction in Monroe to check it out, then dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Luna Pier.

Friday night, we went to Pete's Garage for dinner with a bunch of peeps. Played pool with my favorite husband and I actually won 2 games. Shocking, I know. I am actually decent when I try. Can't wait to get a table for the basement.

Speaking of the basement, I really need to get down there and workout since I was out late last night and skipped.

Loving this weather.


Rebecca said...

I love how you kind of went in reverse with your weekend description :)

Crazymrsnancy said...

OMG a Tandem massage sounds heavenly!!