Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Fun

So, my weekend was lots of fun!

Friday night, Kurt and I headed to the Palace to see Billy Joel in concert. We ate dinner first at Stir Crazy (I love the place) and I had rock shrimp and rice. Yum. The concert was awesome and our seats were really close to rebecca and her Mommy. I was so glad rebecca's mom got to go out for the night. She has been overstressed lately because her Mom is sick and has been helping take care of her around the clock. So, her and rebecca went to dinner and she had two glasses of wine! Good for her! Anyway. Loved Billy. Kurt and I both thought he seemed drunk though, and I hope his not drinking has not come to an end, but he truly seemed WASTED. But, it was awesome. I heart Billy.

Saturday, I ran a ton of errands, which was good. I am so behind on things. I went and picked out/ordered my dress for my sister's wedding in August. I am going to end up having to get it altered, because I am in between sizes and with working out, I will probably change more by the time the dress comes in. She told me to order it big though, because it is easier to alter down than up. Now, I just need to find silver shoes and pearl jewelry. Speaking of that, my Aunt got me a pearl necklace from Hawaii a few years back, I should pull that out and see if it will work with the dress! After that, I stopped at Sams Club to pick up water, then headed to Adray's to meet up with my Aunt at the photo expo there. She ended up buying a lens for her Pentex film camera, I did not get anything. Stopped at Fashion Bug after that and got a tshirt for $4, woo hoo. Kurt, Kory and I went out for Cinco de Mayo for dinner, then chilled at home the rest of the night.

Today, got up and went to a photography macro class at Adray's. Lame class. Rebecca and I ended up leaving early to shop at the expo instead. I ended up buying a new lenss and a new memory card. I got this 4GB card for an insanely low price, and got an awesome deal on a macro dedicated lens, which I have been wanting forever. I got another Sigma, a 105mm Macro. It is awesome, but I have not used it much as I have not had time today yet. Stopped at Kohls and Best Buy to buy my Aunt birthday gifts, then had dinner with family at the Pickle Barrel Inn in Willis. Interesting place............Food was OK, and it was great to see everyone. My Dad and Grama were there too. :).

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