Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stop the Addictions

OK, let me think of some things I can post quickly about. I am so tired lately. I have a slight reason though. I decided to stop drinking caffeine. Well, kinda anyway. There is no reason for me to stop entirely, like if I am out to dinner and want a nice fountain diet coke. But. I am no longer buying it for the house, or the office. Thus, I have not drank any caffeine since Friday at work. None yesterday, none today. And both nights, I am sleepy much earlier than normal. Ugh. Sat night I had a slight headache too, but none today. So yay.

Yesterday, I broke down and bought the vacuum I have been wanting. Kurt and I were at SAMS Club buying water, and I saw it there, much cheaper than anywhere else I have looked. Kurt questioned whether it would work as well as others claimed, but once we got it home---freaking awesome. Best vacuum I have ever used, by far. It is so awesome with thee dog and cat hair on the carpet. Here is the one we got, click here. I actually had *fun* vacucuming, and trust me, that says a lot. We even moved the chair and couches in the living room so I could vacuum under them, which has not been done in way too long. It is like our carpet is brand new.

Today, for Mother's Day, we went to Pinconning to visit Kurt's Mom, who we have not seen in like a year. So, it was nice to see her, but....Pinconning has got to be the most boring town in life. Nothing to do, and the town is like a ghost town. Ugh.

Friday night, we went to the auction, and I got some great deals. I bought four new glass vases, all for insanely cheap prices, one as low as $5. I felt like I was garage saleing, but the stuff is nice!! Since I hate garage sales and all. I took some pics of the stuff, but have not had time to download yet.

Last night, Rebecca was over and we all went to Applebee's for dinner and had horrible service. Kurt and I have had a run of that lately for some reason. She pretty much screwed up anything she could have. Put bacon in Kurt's salad, put bacon in my quesadillas......forgot Kurt's salad at first, it did not come until after his dinner. Did not make my drink correctly. Ignored us. But, it was fun anyway, LOL. Rebecca used me as a guinea pig with this new technique she is learning off DVD. I loved it. It was a lot of work on my neck, which is totally messed up, so it was helpful. I almost fell asleep afterwards, I was so out of it.

Ohh. On the way home from Pinconning, we briefly stopped at Birch Run, and I got a cute new skirt and shirt at the Bass Outlet. I did not even know they sold clothes there. The skirt is super cute. I am hoping that I have shoes to wear with this outfit though, I need to look. The skirt is white and cobalt bluish, and the shirt is the same blue color. I have no idea if I have shoes. If not, I guess I need some white sandals.........


Rebecca said...

1) Love the elephant.

2) I think it's great that you're cutting back on caffeine!

3) You need to change your sidebar to "going to Belize for memorial weekend" ;)

Anonymous said...

Bad Service Sucks!!! Thats awesome that your going to Belize!!! I would say take tonnes of pics, but I'm sure we all know you will! teehee