Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Kory and Christie!

**me and Kurty, at Crave in Dearborn.

Today is kory's 22nd bday....we took him to dinner after work at Crave in Dearborn, which is my fav restaurant. Food was exceptional, yet again. Service? Not so exceptional. Horrendous, actually. I don't even know if I can describe howw bad, but, let me try. Got there, were seated right away since I have a reservation (glad I did, because they were slammed). Sat there 25 minutes with nobody even GREETING our table. Nice. Went and asked the host to send someone over. He did, with water. The guy (who was not our server, but the bartender) took our order. We waited another 25 minutes with NOTHING. We had ordered miso soup, sushi as an appetizer AND meals. Nothing. This is 50 minutes into the meal by now. Kurt gets up and goes and talks to the manager. Manager is basically making up excuses--servers called in sick, yada yada. Prob with that? Others tables around us were getting food and service, and we were not for some reason. Aargh. Long story short, we started to get food and stuff about 15 minutes more later and everything tasted fabulous. They did not charge us for drinks and took 25% off our bill, which was nice, but I Would have beeen fine paying full price and getting good service. I always order Kory something at Japanese places and dont tell him what and make him eat it. This time, I got him sea urchin (uni). It looked horrible, but of course, he liked it. ha. Oh, and for his birthday, we got him a pug card with a little IOU inside for a plane ticket to Vegas. So, when we go next, he only needs to bring food and spending money. Prob won't be until later this year, but he liked it. :).

**Kory's sea urchin.

Oh, Kurt actually BOUGHT me something today. On his own. I know, I was shocked too, LOL. He was at court and they were having a book sale and he got me this awesome book about birds written by the Audubon Society. I love it.

Tried to call my sister to tell her happy birthday and at 915 p.m., she was already in bed! Craziness!

**birdie in our back yard eating.

Happy Birthday Christie and Kory!

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