Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Dizzy for Donr

And no, my friends, not because I am blonde....OK, maybe that is some of it....Ha. OMG, I am so sick. On Tuesday night, out of noplace, I suddenly felt soooooo sick. Like the worst symptoms of a bad cold all at once. My throat was totally scratchy, my sinuses all plugged up, ugh. Well, the next day, Wed, I was pretty much useful at work and today was slightly better, but not much. I have no patience whatsoever when sick, and this is not helpful at my office. But, I did what I could. Being sick should not be allowed for busy people, I swear.

Tonight had a board meeting. It was really long, as their was a special meeting called at 5, then the normal meeting at 7, and I went out for dinner afterwards with some of the board at like 9. I know I should not do all this when sick, but it is what it is, I suppose. Dinner was fun though.

So far, my cuts from the surgery seem to be healing nicely. I can go back in about a week and a couple days to get the stiches removed and get back to working out. That is so the worst part of this.

Oh, and hilarious comment. I got this comment on my last post that is wrong, on so many levels. I will cut and paste for your reading pleasure.

donr said...
your gross, that's gross, why would you go somewhere, where you can get something like that. it's almost like having sex with someone who you know has a disease and you do not use protection or let alone just have sex with them.....and by the way why would you tell strangers your personal business bloggin is stupid. my friend told me about how nasty you were so i just had to see for myself and they were right

After the first two words, "your gross", I knew I was in for a classy, nontrashy comment. How about YOU ARE GROSS, Donnie boy? If you are going to put me down or trash me, could you do me a little favor and use proper fucking grammar? Thanks sweetie. Also, I don't know what perfect world you live in, but there are hazards and issues in EVERY country. Assuming you live in the US, here's a little fact for ya. WE HAVE BOTFLIES HERE. Yes, here, Donnie, in your own country! OMG! Maybe you should move. Because living in the US would kinda be like sleeping with someone with an STD! or having unprotected sex. And yes, blogging is totally lame. That's why you are reading my blog and posting on it.

Off to sleep with the aid of cough syrup. Talk to y'all tomorrow. :).


Crazymrsnancy said...

HAHAHA! Thanks for the friday morning entertainment Lori and Donr!

Feel better soon Lori :)

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks Nancy! I was high on cough syrup when I posted that, hence, my sarcastic side was out in full swing! :).

Amanda said...

Donr can bite me.


Hoep you feel better ASAP!

Amanda said...

I also *hope* my spelling improves soon. :P :P

Lori Anne Haskell said...


Ha. I bet Donr would like that, because I am guessing he has never *bit* anyone with even one iota of class in their system.

MissThang said...

Dear Donr-
Your funny. And I bet your hot two. Did you ever here about going to skool and learning grammher?