Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthdays, Babies and Days Home

Friday was Rebecca's 30th bday! We headed to Royal Oak for dinner at Mongolian BBQ. The drive there was horrendous. There was a huge ordeal in Detroit, which we found out about later. When we got into downtown Detroit, traffic was pretty much unpassable. Roads were closed off, and power was out everywhere. we thought it was the storm, but it ended up that lightning struck the courthouse, and a fire had started and blown out like 4 generators. Good part of this is....Kurt and I will not have court next week, at least at that court! Woo hoo! Hopefully, we can get some paperwork done. Finally got to dinner like 30 minutes late, and I hate being late. Then, Royal Oak being what it is, could not find parking right away. Finally found it. Dinner was good, but our server pretty much sucked.....Gave Rebecca her card with a picture of what I bought her, LOL. I bought her a Wii game she wanted (Guitar Hero Aerosmith), and a book she wanted as well. Hopefully they get to her house soon, but the game does not come out until the 30th. Went to Rebecca's house afterwards to celebrate some more. Kurt got trashed, ha. This is rare for him, but drinking makes him stay awake longer, so we stayed until like 130 a.m. at her house. Kory started a bonfire in the backyard, we all played the Wii, and basically just chilled and had some drinks (except me, since I was the designated driver for kurt). The drive home was horrible again, it wasa POURING rain, and I could barely see at some points. Was happy to get home and to bed.

Saturday we worked part of the day, then I ran some errands and headed to macomb to my Aunt's house to meet Nick for the first time. OMG. So cute. He is adorable and totally precious. I took a bunch of pics of him, and dinner was really good. It was nice to see the family as well. Gave my Dad his Father's Day gift, and bought two new bras on sale......

We were going to work today, but ended up staying in. Of course, it rained (since it does that like daily this summer), so I could not go hiking anywhere. But, we did take a long walk in the yard with the pugs after it stopped raining. So muggy and hot out. Gretel cracks me up in the water now. She loves the pond, and runs and plays in the water. Vito is starting to copy her, and he is kinda going in as well. Oscar stays on the sidelines, he is having nothing to do with getting his little paws wet! :).


Jennifer said...

Great pictures! After reading Rebecca's blog about the party (and seeing her pictures), it was fun to read about it here.

Rain in summer?? We don't get rain out west in summer. I grew up in Nevada and now live in Southern California, there's no rain for months and months!

.................Nancy said...

I just love that picture of you two!