Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am back in the D! OK, not exactly Detroit, but my home in Michigan, LOL.

Took a lot of pics at the wedding, but am too tired to upload them now, so I will do that later. :).

Flights to and from LA were great. Left on time, no turbulance, and the flight to Detroit actually arrived like 35 minutes EARLY. Yay.

So, we left Wednesday night, via Northwest, who I generally hate. They moved up a little bit on my list with this flight, but they still make me leery from past experiences. Anyway. Got there, retrieved out luggage and proceeded to Thrifty to get the rental car. We rented a convertible, and it was nice to have in the literally perfect LA weather. We started to get a taste of the insanity of traffic in LA just on the shuttle to pick up our car. Craziness. And this was at 9 p.m. at night. Got the car (a Sebring Convertible, red) and drove to Simi Valley. It was further than I expected, and we arrived tired. Got our room and pretty much went to bed after checking email and watching some news.

Thursday, got up early and headed to Disney after breakfast. So weird, i never eat breakfast unless I am on vacation. Drive to Disney was easy, only a little traffic. And I loved it! Disneyland is even better than DisneyWorld! I was shocked, because I was expecting less for some reason. But, it was less walking, less lines, better weather, and cheaper. Loved it. My fav ride of the day was prob Space Mountain. We went on every ride we wanted to, and had a blast. Headed back to Simi after that, and had dinner with Julia and Jamie at a cute Mexican place with some of the best salsa I have ever had (made with organic, nondiseased tomatoes, LOL). Headed to bed after that.

Next day, we decided to try to get some touristy stuff in prior to the rehearsel dinner. We headed to Beverly Hills, as I wanted to see Rodeo Drive and Kurt wanted to buy a map and search for stars homes (tacky, yet fun). Beverly Hills is like a perfect world. No trash, everything is gorgeous, quiet, so different than I expected. I think I saw more nice cars there than I have ever seen in my life. We did not actually shop, but we walked Rodeo Drive, than bought a star map from two transvestites who were hilarious. We saw a bunch of stars' homes, my fav being the house Fresh Prince of Bel Air was filmed at. A lot of them were hard to see because of gates and high bushes and trees and fences, etc., but it was fun just the same. Bel Air is so nice. If I *had* to live there, Bel Air would be my choice, but I would never live there. Even the really nice houses did not have a lot of land and were very near their neighbors. Headed back to Simi after that to get ready for rehearsel. I wore a really cute dress I bought at Macy's before we left (black and white), with flip flops. Really summery, Cali kinda outfit. Did the rehearsel (which the organist *forgot* about and Tony had to go pick her up), then headed to dinner at Macaroni Grille. Yum. After that, headed back to the hotel and the bridesmaids all hung out in Julia's room to gossip and chill. Everyone was sooo tired from the time changes and such, we did not feel like going out. The guys had just all gone straight to bed.

Saturday was wedding day! Julia, Melinda, Lynnette and Julia's Mom all got our hair done at Satori Spa in Simi. Julia and I also had our make-up done. Did my hair curled, half up. I counted the bobby pins at the end of the night and I had more than 40 in my hair and more hair spray then I have worn total in a year. LOL. rushed back to the hotel to put my dress and shoes and jewelry on, grab Kurt in his tux and headed to our respective meeting places. Girls and Julie's house, guys at the reception hall. Helpled Julia into her dress, had pics, and headed to the church. Waited some, then the wedding began. Kurt and I started everything out, and it was kinda fun to *walk down the aisle* with my fav husband again! :). The wedding was perfect, and really nice because the minister actually really knew them and it was very personal. I cried, which is normal, but I did not bawl and ruin my smoky eye make-up. Ha. My eyes looked good....HAHA. After the wedding, we had MORE pictures, then headed to the reception for MORE pictures. Finally, after not eating all day, we got to eat! The food was exceptional for a wedding. Nonmeat pastas, with meat on the side, ceasar salad and bread. Had fun at the reception too, and finally at the end of the night, got to hang with Julia and talk a bit. They are leaving for a cruise on Monday and spending two nights in Long Beach prior to that. Anyway, am SO happy for them. They really are perfect for each other, and Julia looked amazing in her dress. Absolutely stunning actually. Kurt's response was "I don't like you girls all done up, I like you better natural and laidback..." Yea, we did not ask your opinion Kurt. Thankfully, he did not say that to Julia, just to me. And really, I like that he thinks I look better in a ponytail and no make-up, because if I had to do my hair and makeup like that daily, I would be exhausted! :). After the reception, headed back to the hotel and passed out from exhaustion.

Sunday, today, got up and showered and packed and headed to the airport. We were early, and we almost missed our flight. That is how slow that horrible airport is. I would never choose to fly out of there again, it royally sucked. so many different lines. Ugh.

Now, we are home! Yay! Not looking forward to work, but glad to see my babies and take a walk in the yard. I am tired though, so I may have missed things. If so, I will post more on another day, along with pics.

The LA area was nice, but I would not choose to live there for the sole reason that the traffic is really bad. The worst I have ever since, and i did not even drive during rush hour! The best thing about the area is the weather, and the scenery. it was totally gorgeous. the mountains were so pretty.

Congrats again, Julia and Tony! I was really happy to be part of your wedding day, and to be able to celebrate with you guys. Welcome to the wonderful world of being married! I have had an awesome time in the *world* and know you guys will too, as you are great together. :).

Hope everyone had a nice weeekend.


Emily said...

Totally with you on LA - I spent 4 years living there in college (and was born there) and I would never live there. The traffic is just too awful. There is traffic up north as well, but nothing like LA.

Also I loved your description of your rehearsal dinner outfit as "very cali" - mainly because I am such a california girl born and raised, and last night I went out in an extremely short hot pink dress covered in ruffles and 4 inch black patent leather peep-toe stilletos (which I posted on my blog the other day). Your outfit was WAY more "cali" than mine!!! can't wait to see pics :)

Rebecca said...

Pictures!!! I want to see pictures!!

.................Nancy said...

Aww sounds fun!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad you had a great pics please :)

Katie said...

Aaahhh... LA... Disneyland! You are truly out to make me jealous. Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to see pics! (I think you posted some up on Facebook, but I haven't had a chance to look through them yet!)