Sunday, June 01, 2008


An entire weekend went by and......I did not work at the office! Really strange feeling, but I can handle it. ;).

Went this weekend and bought flowers for the house. I have three large pots on the pillars in front of the house, as well as a three tiered thing on th front porch. After doing those yesterday, I went today and bought three pots for in front of the garage. I have been wanting to buy those for a couple years, and never have. They look awesome. I went a tad overboard with the flowers I think, but I love them. Took a lot of walks near the pond this weekend. We bought two new frogs yesterday and I have seen both of them surface in the pond, one eating a little fish. Kurt saw a HUGE bullfrog at the pond, which is kewl because we did not put it there. It came from someplace in our yard, I guess. I want to see it!

Friday night, my Mom and stepDad came into town. They had been at my stepbrother's graduation in Hudsonville. We went to dinner at Pete's, then hung out at the house. I taught my Mom how to use Flickr, so she could upload her pics of Nick to the site. Also downloaded Picasa to her computer. The next morning, we went to breakfast at a local cafe I like, then went to a few stores in town. My Mom bought me this silverware I have been wanting at Target for my birthday. Love it. You know how some people say socks disappear at their house? Yea, silverware disappears at mine.

I am working on uploading all my pics from the trip. Have not started the trip report yet, but need to do that too! I am so slow. Too much outside yard stuff this weekend.......

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Silka said...

Wow sounds like a packed weekend. Can't wait to see the pics.