Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gardens with my Bestest

Rebecca and I went to the Toledo Botanical Gardens today. Of course, per the norm, it started raining, then pouring, as we started driving there. But, Ohio is MUCH better than MI, because as soon as we crossed the border, it was sunshine and a beautiful sky. Of course, that beautiful sky also equated to really hot temps, and neither one of us wanted to do the entire gardens (there are a lot of good hiking trails, but it was HOTTTT). We did get some nice shots of pics, and it is just nice being around her and gossiping. We were followed the entire way home by THREE cars of guys. And Rebecca was actually WAVING at them and kinda flirting! And she says she is not outgoing! Maybe she is more outgoing when there is no chance of ever meeting the people?? I almost got her to flash them, but she held back. She is a crazy one, I tell ya.

We drove around Ohio too looking for a Friendly's, which I have never been to, but Rebecca tells me that they are really friendly there. Heh. Instead, we went to Steak and Shake since she has never been there. Good, but the shake made me feel kinda sick because of my lactose intolerance thing. Ugh. I feel better now though.

Came back to the house and hung out for a bit, and I wasa exhausted from the sun. I think my fair skin and eyes makes me a horrible candidate for being in the sun a lot, because it just simply exhausts me. Ugh. After Rebecca left, I fell asleep on then couch and woke up with a headache. Fun. I needed her here to massage me! hehe. I feel much better now, but I think I have learned not to combine sun with dairy products. I have issues. ;).

Kurt saw more deer tracks at the pond today AND he claims that my lily pads have actual lillies now! Hooray! I must go take pics. I heart lily pads flowering. Prob the most gorgeous flower to me ever

Edited to add: Rest of the pics from the gardens can be seen by clicking here.


.................Nancy said...

Wow those pictures look amazing! I can't wait to go see the rest!

.................Nancy said...
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MissThang said...

LOVE the pics!!

Lisa said...

Wow, love the pics Lori...especially the sephia tone path!