Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Newest Love

I am in love, I fell in love again tonight with something new. Ulta. It's like Sephora, but has both high end AND low end products AND a salon. Yay. The grand opening of the Allen Park store was tonight and my friend, Nancy (another product whore) and I decided to attend, and have dinner afterwards. Love it. Love how they carry both high and low end. Love how it's only like 15 minutes or less from my office, depending on traffic. Love how they have a point system wherein I can get free gifts. Love how they have deals in store, i.e. spend this amount, get this wonderful little free gift (which Sephora pretty much never has). Have not decided if it is BETTER than Sephora, but it is comparable. Sephora carries a few brands I like that Ulta does not, i.e. Nars, Benefit, Fresh, but Ulta is fabulous just the same. Also, because it was the grand opening night, they gave us coupons for 20% off everything. Yes, you heard me right. I could not let that opportunity pass me, so here is what I got.

Estee Lauder Emerald Dream Spray (like I freaking need another perfume, I have like, not kidding, 40. But, I loved this to pieces, and remember, the coupon, heh, also it is an Ulta exclusive and not available elsewhere)

Rubber Bands (am running low)

Alagio Manderine Isle Color Therapy Shampoo (on sale at the store, whoot, smells amazing)

Burts Bees Pomegranate Soy Shampoo (smells amazing as well, and I have been wanting to try this)

Red Earth Twin Line Duo Effect Eyeliner Pencil (for some reason, SCORE, I was only charged ONE CENT for this product, I am sure a mistake by the store, but hey, I will take it)

Ulta Pro Slanted Eyeshader and Liner Brush (on sale in store more than on the website, whoot)

Jelly Belly Blueberry Muffin Cologne (Oh. My. God. This smells insanely amazing, thanks to Nancy for turning me on to this brand, Demeter. They have a ton of really fun scents for cheap prices.)

Armani Attitude (for Kurt, obviously. He needed some new stuff, he is running low)

100% Pure Blueberry Body Lotion (incredible. I love blueberry, and have never seen a Lotion, link not on website, but similar to the link I provided)

100% Pure Blueberry Body Wash (again, not on website, but link is a different scent)

Quilted Bag (got this for free for making a fragrance purchase, WHOOT, it was a $30 bag that I paid nada for)

Went to dinner with Nancy afterwards at this Mexican place called On the Border that I had never been to before. It was yummy. I had a Lori classic, fish tacos. Yum. Came home and am watching the Tigers game with Kurt (after making him dinner). Work was crazy busy today, and I was happy to have a relaxing night out. Had a headache this morning, which my chiropractor fixed for me. Yay. Thanks, Dr. Thomas! I was really out of wack, ugh. Also had an ortho appointment today for a new wire, which is KILLING me. Hopefully that subsides by tomorrow. Night all!


.................Nancy said...

OMG I'd love to go to your house to try all that stuff! LOL

Andrea said...

Ok..weird. My boss and I were just talking about Ulta yesterday. She went there over the weekend and found some amazing deals too. She also compared it to Sephora. I need to visit this place..sounds fabulous!

Mindy said...

I love Ulta. Been going there for years and years. I am a "member" so get awesome coupons in the mail, as well as the free stuff for spending a certain amount of money. They have GREAT sales on hair care stuff, OPI stuff, and Olay stuff . . . and I wear nothing but Bare Escentuals on my face - and they carry the greatest selection of it . . .

I'm not a huge Sephora fan. If I can't get it at Ulta - I go to Macy's. They always have free gifts with purchase.

Natalie said...

Ulta is wear I get my Bare Esenctuals makeup. I'm due some hefty points in August:)

Lisa said...

We are FINALLY getting a Sephora and I'm totally psyched! The closest one is 2 hours away...so yeah, yay!

Jen said...

I love reading your blog. I love discovering new products!

Rachael said...

those Ulta stores have been poppin up all over Seattle! you might like this...