Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip in the Car for the Cat

Bugsy had an appointment after work to get his vaccines.....Took him in the car and he did not like that. He has not been in a car for like a year, and I don't think he remembered. He meowed quite a bit the entire way, in his cute little carrier. When we got there, we had a slight wait, so I took him out and held him, then Kurt carried him around the waiting area so he could check things out and look out windows. The tech there was amazed and said most cats would not allow you to hold and carry them around their waiting room, LOL. Bugsy is not normal, I will give her that. He likes to be cuddled and held though, and had no interest in staying in his carrier, that's for sure.....Anyway, his exam went well and he got three shots, including a rabies, which I have not gotten him in the past since he is an indoor cat. The vet said that rabies has increased by 4 times in MI in the past year, and I am worried if something were to get into the house and bite my kitty, he would not be protected. So, shot it is.......He was better on the ride home. ;). Such a good cat. perfectly bahaved for the vet and the techs. he is kinda annoyed with us now, and I can't say that I blame him.....

I got this new skin care regime I ordered in the mail today. It is called Skin ID and is made by Neutrogena. It seems kinda like Proactiv, but more geared to each individual. They ask you a lot of questions about lifestyle, eating habits, your skin, etc. and gear a line towards you personally. So, we will see how it works for me. 100% money back guarantee, so if I dont like it, nothing lost. My number set is 12-32-38. I like how I have a number set, heh. I am going to start using it tonight.

Came home, worked out, made dinner, did some laundry and am heading to bed soon. there are seriously not enough hours in the day. Work was seriously INSANE today. I was glad to leave right at 5 to take Bugs to the vet.

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