Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hotel Chosen While Sick?

Last major thing chosen for the trip, the hotel. Got a HUGE discount for paying in advance, so I made everyone happy with this selection, WHOOT. We are staying at the Nu House Boutique Hotel in Quito, for two nights prior to the Galapagos trip and one night after. For two of those nights, it will solely be for sleeping, but on the 16th, we will have an entire day to explore Quito and/or the surrounding areas. The place is very "Lori Modern" and the pics remind me of the kewl place we stayed at in DC in February. I feel relieved that everything is booked that needs to be.

I am really under the weather. No idea if it's allergies or a cold though. Kurt's allergies are really flaring up with the weather change here, and I wonder if I am having allergy effects or have a cold. At first, just my throat was scratchy. Now, my nose is running and I feel congested in the head. Which could all be sinus stuff/allergies or a cold. Either way, I stopped at Kroger's and bought some cold/stuffed up meds, cuz that's how I feel.......

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MissThang said...

Ugh. My allergies are KILLING me. I thought I was catching that nasty cold again that I just got rid of a few weeks ago, but after talking to several's just good ol' allergies.