Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Disses Letterman

Since I am exhausted from this place of work, I never stay up late to watch Letterman, and generally, late night talk shows like that are not really my or Kurt's thing. But, the clip below is hilarious. What are McCain thinking, dissing Letterman like that? Didn't he realize that Letterman would be pissed and talk constantly about it throughout the entire show?

Anyway, I loved this.


Mindy said...

I love Letterman. Always have.

And I have to agree. If Palin isn't even qualified to keep the campaign going while McCain rushes off to "fix" the economy, how in the world are we expected to accept that she's qualified to be the VP, one heart beat away from presidency?

Jennifer said...

After I saw the clip of Katie Couric asking Palin to explain what she meant when she said she had foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia, I can understand why McCain didn't want to leave his campaign to Palin. Why he'd want to possibly leave our country to her, I'll never understand...