Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin Trends

I heard on the radio today that women are flocking to buy Palin's glasses. Seriously. Everyone seems to think she is hot. When they say that, the FIRST thing I say is "Maybe if she lost the dated hairstyles and glasses...." I saw pics of her without the glasses online, and she is a pretty woman. But, these particular glasses do nothing for her. And you freaking KNOW she is only wearing them to appear "smart" and possibly older than she is. Lame.

Anyway. Enough on the stupid election candidates. I am already totally sick of the election and it pretty much just started.

Weekend was OK. I had to work on Saturday (or at least part of the day, until Kurt decided he could no longer concentrate because football was on). Got a lot of work done in the time here, then headed home to do some laundry and chill out. I have SOOO much I need to do, errands, grocery shopping, etc. and I just don't feel like leaving the house when I am there.

Sunday, Rebecca came over with food! She had made dinner for friends who were supposed to come over on Friday that ended up not panning out, so we were the lucky recipients of salmon, garlic sweet potatoes and a yummy salsa/bean/corn dip. Everything was great, and almost everything was entirely eaten! We went for ice cream afterwards, to a place I have never been to near the house called "So Sweet". I had a yummy scoop in a waffle cone, half cake ice cream and half peanut butter cup.

Rebecca brought Charlie over, and we had a slight *incident*. The dogs all got along swimmingly, but apparently, Charles does not like cats. Bugsy sauntered into the living room, and Charles literally "charged" after my poor kitty. Bugsy is fast though, and got away. I am concerned what would have happened if Charlie caught him though, as he has never been around cats before and likes to chase bunnies and birds in Rebecca's backyard, and has killed (maybe) a bird before. Bugsy was totally traumitized. I went into the laundry room, where he was hiding to check on him and his heart was racing and he was literally shaking. I tried to take him into our bedroom and close the door, and as soon as I got near the bedroom, he saw Charlie and Bugsy FREAKED, scratching me (on accident, since he never uses his claws), hissing (which I have never heard him do). He would not come out of a hiding spot in the bedroom until later that night and hours later, when I checked on him, he was still shaking. Poor baby. I guess he was not expected a huge dog to attack him, he is used to the little dogs that reside in our house, not big ones, LOL. I felt really bad that I exposed him to that, but nobody knew that Charles hated kitties. AARGH. Everyone should just get along, I tell ya.

Gotta run, work to do..........


Andrea said...

Awww...your poor baby! I'd feel bad too :(

Jim just informed me this morning that Bailey killed his first mouse. I guess he was pouncing on something outside and Jim heard a little "squeek, squeek!" and knew Bailey must have kill it. Some dogs just don't know their own strength I guess.

So, people are going out and buying those glasses, huh? I have to agree with you -- lame. It's okay to LIKE our need to BECOME them, Democrat or Republican.

Rebecca said...

I guess I should Google this Pelosi person because I have no idea who you're talking about...

RoseAnn said...

ITA about being ready for the election to be over now! My mom started in last night about how she thinks SP will save the country. WTF? That's when I just tuned out and changed the subject as soon as possible!