Saturday, October 10, 2009


I heart coupons. Needed a new pair of jeans for winter, so decided to stop at NY and Co to see if I could find some that fit right. I hate shopping for jeans. I need them in tall generally, and most stores do not carry them. I am really picky about style as well, and I hate skinny jeans and anything tight.

Anyway, tried on three pairs and liked them all, but settled on a pair similar to these, but a darker colored wash. I also ended up buying a really cute jacket in black, a cute shirt to wear under my suits in cranberry, two bodyshapers to wear under the jacket I bought and another jacket i have (as well as under sweaters I have as well or suits), a necklace, and three pairs of socks. I used a coupon I had for $50 off! And, they gave me another coupon at checkout for use in November, where I get $45 off if I spend $90. Love it. I wore my new jacket and one of the tanks to dinner with the new necklace. We had dinner tonight at Nick and Nino's and watched some football. It was nice.

Also stopped at Best Buy today because I had $40 in rewards dollars to use that expire soon and I ended up buying a Spanish program which I started using today. Today, I worked on numbers, colors and time. I am going to try and do a little bit per week.

I had two interesting hearings on Friday, which I am going to private blog about.

Tomorrow, if the weather is OK, i may head to the state park and take some pics of the leaves changing colors.....Also really need to get some laundry done and mop. Ugh. Taking pics sounds better, I think. :).

One of my friends in northern MI said that they got SNOW today. It did not stick, but still, snow? NO. Mother Nature, please let the snow stay up there and in Iowa with Megan, or in Colorado with Alex, and leave me alone. I am not ready for snow.


Brittany said...

It snowed here (northern CO) yesterday, and the temperature never got above 25. Bleh.

Cute clothes that you bought!

Lisa said...

Love the stuff you picked up! Wish we had a New York & Co. here! We are heading up to MI in October, the day after my birthday, I need to visit this store!!

Megan said...

That safari jacket is way cool! So did it ever snow there???

Lori H said...

Lisa, you would go crazy in that store, I think.

And Megan, nope, it has not snowed in our city yet--although in northern MI, where my Mom is, it did snow a little bit, but nothing stuck......

Thanks Brittany!