Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Bosses' Day

I had no idea there was a Bosses' Day until today, LOL. Stacey sent me a text at court telling me that she and Jessica were taking Kurty and I to lunch for Bosses' Day, and I thought it was a made-up day by them or something, LOL. Stacey showed me in her planner though, it actually IS a real day! :). Anyway, we went to Mexican Gardens and it was a really, really nice lunch. We lingered because we had not scheduled any in office appointments this afternoon. Kurt and I decided to leave early too, so I was not at work very much today since I had court all morning. We came home and both of us fell asleep and took naps for part of the afternoon, and I enjoyed watching random afternoon TV that I never get to see. Maury was a great one with paternity tests, LOVE those. Tonight we had sushi and have just chilled at home.

Last night, I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. I totally, and completely, LOVED IT. Not surprising at all, since the movie is my favorite movie. I would see it again I loved it so much. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to see it.

I am researching buying two new ceiling fans for the living room. I think I have it narrowed down to the one I want to buy, but I am still looking just to make sure. the ones in the living room I have NEVER liked. Mostly because the guy who built our house had horrible taste in lighting. The one I like it pictured above, and is by Minka Aire, which I have never heard of before. Seems like a nice brand though from the reviews the fan gets on sites. We are going to have an electrician come to the house to fix some odds and ends in the house, and will have the ceiling fans put in then.

the heat was not working in our house this week for two days, and was finally fixed yesterday, which is awesome. We found a new guy to work on thte furnace, a referral. He is awesome, super fast, and best of all, CHEAP! Hooray! Three trips to the house and his labor cost was only $65. I almost felt guilty about it, but I paid him what he asked......

Vito has still been coming into the office daily to get his drops. I think his eye looks like it is improving, but the little mark from the cut is still kinda there. Hopefully, he is given a clean bill of health on Monday and we can stop bringing him in. I love having him there, but I dont get as much work done, because he likes to sit in my lap! :).

i am going shopping with two of my Aunts tomorrow. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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