Friday, October 23, 2009

Sizes BLAH

My new ring came in the mail today, the one I ordered as my anniversary gift? haha. Anyway, it is too big AARGH. But, I mailed it back and they are going to send me a size smaller. I loved it though, so I am glad about that! :). Wish it would have fit right though.

I have been looking for a black coat, and finally found one online that I like. It is pictured above, and is made by Betsey Johnson, AND I got an amazing deal on it. A friend referred me to this site, Ideeli, for shopping, and I get emails a couple times a week from them. they have designer stuff, for like 80% off. Men's, women's, home, etc. Anyway, I have never bought anything from them until today. We will see if it fits right when it comes in the mail. My fav part about this coat is the buttons, which are little hearts. Love. :).

Picked up our typhoid vaccine tonight and took the first pill. Does not seem to have any side effects, except I am tired! I am always tired on Friday night though, so can't tell if it's the vaccine or just normal! :). We had sushi at Dolce tonight, and have just been chilling the rest of the night.


.................Nancy said...

Oooh cute coat! I tried to follow the link on the board, and it told me I had to sign up to see it so I did, and then I still couldn't see it hehe.

Rachael said...

Awesome deal on the coat!

Lori H said...

Rach, I hope I like it. I really like to try coats on, but I guess we will see. At least they have free shipping returns.