Sunday, January 24, 2010

Initially "Discounted"

OMFG. Cannot even believe the article below. I think I may have fallen over if I had been standing when I read this article. A woman posted a link to this article in comments on my blog, and I clicked on it. Most of the article has nothing to do with Flight 253. Which is interesting too. Why is this not total breaking news????? The part of the article that is incredible, I will post below.

I think we now know WHY the video is not being released. Because IT SHOWS WHAT KURT SAID!!!!!! I mean, where is his apology? Where? They come out in the media, basically calling Kurt a liar, then they take it back, but it is in the bottom of another nonrelated article. Ridiculous. And still, to date, no authorities contactinig KURT to ask him to look at the freaking video and help identify the guy. It's so insane to me. We have an eyewitness to this, and they just don't care.

"Federal agents also tell they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria.

Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab "did not get cold feet."

Click here to read the entire article


Anonymous said...

I've been following your comments regarding flight 253. Big thanks to you and your husband for getting the truth out to the public.

Did you see this article on CNN, 01/22/2010?

"Livonia, Michigan (CNN) -- U.S. authorities had another Nigerian-born man with an engineering background on their radar when Northwest Airlines Flight 253 prepared to land in Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day."

Finally more info on the 2nd man detained. If he was on their radar, does that mean the underwear bomber was not?

Granny in AZ

Anonymous said...

I was reading the ABCNews article just as Kurt was posting his response to it - literally. I just caught up with all that's been happening to you, and I agree, it is astonishing that those two sentences have been buried in a seemingly unrelated article about female suicide bombers.

Good job in keeping your story alive.

Anonymous said...

Here they are talking about your situation from a different point of view. No idea about this source or reliability though.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

lori and kurt,
isn't there some way you can bring attention to this admission at the end of the abc unrelated article?
have u approached mlive or other media outlets, not that i necessarily think they will follow up. this was purposeful burying of this information.

Anonymous said...

I never heard any description of the "sharp dressed Indian" man's accent. Did he have an American, British, Indian or other accent when he spoke at the gate in Amsterdam? Maybe Mr. Haskell could clarify this?

A. Peasant said...

hi, first off great find on this info.

in response to your note that the article has nothing to do with this flight...

the top of the article talks about female western looking women as the next threat to the People of the West. in my opinion they are telling us that for a reason, but of course it will all be arranged the same way as patsy underpants, meaning accidentally on purpose. articles like this grease the skids mentally for the folks back home, so the authorities can be proven "right" later. you follow? they project what they're gonna do, then they do it, then they tell you what happened. just like any good presentation.

also, very often it's worth it to read the whole article or at least to scroll to the bottom. one often finds the most interesting bits and pieces tagged onto the end.

just my 2c from reading a gazillion articles....

Anonymous said...

The Detroit bomber was a false flag just like the 911 attacks. The 911 attacks were masterminded by Israel's intelligence agency the Mossad to get America to join Israel's battle against the Muslims and control the Middle Easn on bealf of Israel. The Mossad has a long history with false flags. Here is the proof that the Mossad masterminded the 911 attacks:

JP said...

Those people that desire the truth have a way of finding it. The Haskell's encroached on a US government operation and exposed a portion that wasn't to be seen in the light of day and will pay a price in the mainstream media propaganda machine by being ridiculed. Mr. and Mrs. Haskell, don't let it bother you. There are those of us that understand that what you saw was the reality of the circumstances and no matter how hard they may try to obfuscate reality, we know the truth thanks to your courage and determination.

The US government is, in a word, a joke.

Jeff Prager
Founder & Publisher - Retired
Senior Magazine

Anonymous said...

Hello Kurt and Lori,

First off, let me congratulate you on your courage. It takes a lot of that to expose the crimes being perpetrated against us by our government. Have you been following the adjunct articles regarding the security company at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport? Certainly I am referring to the fact that it is an Israeli company. The same one charged with security at Paris' Airport where shoe bomber Richard Reid was allowed to get on a plane there. The same company that partnered with others for security at JFK where those murderers were allowed through security with box cutters. The same country that fed BS information to our "Intel" agencies in order to facilitate this ridiculous war in Iraq to neutralize a "possible" threat to Israel. The same country that is goading the rest of the world into bombing Iran. Our own Intel agencies have said; do say that Iran is not trying to build the nuclear weapons like Israel has.

Thanks again to the two of you and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kurt,

The best intel analysis I have seen was by the Wayne Madsen Report. This was a false flag terror incident like 9/11 (see this website:

I became interested in this when I had to testify regarding the John F. Kennedy jr. tragedy and Egypt Air 990 disaster. These were NOT accidents, and my testimony was disregarded followed by FBI bullying.

I correctly identified from a photo one of the perpetrators in BOTH. He was a Mossad agent and the MO on the Egyptair copilot was MK ULTRA - a possible explanation for Abdul Mutallab's behavior.

Most likely it was to extend the Patriot Act - which was only extended 60 days by congress until February 12, 2010 - and allows "gagging" of witnesses with "National Security Letters

Anonymous said...

way to go, haskells!

i thought the whole thing was staged before i heard your testimony on alex jones. now i'm 110% positive this is the CIA and MI6 and probably some others committing an act of terror against the United States.

i fully expect them to continue the anatomical theme, moving from feet to crotch to the next orifice, beware the EAR BOMBER!!! that ought to put a buzz in the public's ear eh?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work,spread the word.The truth needs to get out,and that will only happen because of brave people like you!!

Anonymous said...

Life imitating art or vice-versa. Remember the movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight" ??? The CIA was running a "Fund Raiser" If you haven't seen this movie you should.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is solved.

Anonymous said...

What exactly would you like to tell?

Anonymous said...

just heard the story on alex jones's show. went to your site, tried to read the detroit press article, but its been pulled. I tried to get it from the archives, but multiple attempts resulted in the same "we're sorry......" message.

do you have the article itself?

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Anonymous, which article are you referring to?

The Proud Primate said...

I immediately accumulated a large folder about this outrageous fraud you happened to witness, and when the Raw Story piece today (3/8/11) about TX congressman David Simpson gave me the opportunity, I googled your story, because it is the high point of the fraud both for clumsiness (or, is it cheek?) and awesome luck for us the people to have witnesses skilled in evidence preservation. I am delighted at the ABC piece (duly added to my treasure chest) admitting that the SDM was probably real.

This story is another just like WTC 93 with the fake/nonfake powder, which Emad Salem forever exposed through his shrewd taping, and all the other State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs).

Thank you over and over for holding fast to the truth. All power and good fortune to the both of you in the battle for freedom against tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Saying sorry hurts? I came across this video which reminded me of your post. If you're going to ask me though, I think saying sorry means that you're brave enough to admit your mistakes.

ADMIN said...

Saying sorry hurts? I came across this video which reminded me of your post. If you're going to ask me though, I think saying sorry means that you're brave enough to admit your mistakes.